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What a blessed month we have had at PCA.  God continues to provide for our bathroom project and the kids are doing wonderfully.  Though we have had several attacks from the enemy this month, we are encouraged by this.  We know the Devil does not attack unless God is about to do something big.  So, […]

Update #201909 – KEEP MOVING FORWARD

With all the activity and progress of a strong year at PCA, we keep moving forward to accomplish the mission God has called us to.  The current projects remind us there is so much left to do, but we know that God is faithful and will finish the work He has started at PCA.  We […]

Update #201908 – TRES AÑOS (Three years)

This month we celebrate year 3 of Palacaguina Christian Academy.  What a blessing to have been serving the children and families of Palacaguina for these last 3 years.  Through every struggle and every praise, we can say without a doubt that God is good!!  We are so grateful for each one of you who are […]

Update #201907 – SO MUCH TO DO

Update #201907 – SO MUCH TO DO We have now reached half-way through the school year and how exciting it is to continue loving our kids with the love of Christ and build into their futures through a solid education.  This school year has been such a blessing.  But, in our joy, we are reminded […]

Update #201906 – VERY STRONG YEAR

Update #201906 – VERY STRONG YEAR This year is proving to be one of our strongest years yet.  As we continue to grow we learn more and each day brings new opportunities to improve our processes and procedures.  With so much pressure to expand our programs and so much need surrounding us, we are pacing […]


As we continue in our school year, we are blessed to have so many wonderful partners and a strong local team making a difference in the lives of our children and families each day.  Together we are all part of one mission to Change a Generation.  Thank you to all of you who partner with […]

Update #201904 – KEEP MOVING FORWARD

This month has been a wonderful picture of what God is doing in Palacaguina as we keep moving forward.  We are seeing great returns on the investment each of you are making in the kingdom through Palacaguina Christian Academy.  And we get to continually see the positive impact it is making on children and their […]

Update #201903 – Beginning Year 3

It is hard for me to believe we are beginning our 3rd year of Changing a Generation.  It was only 3 years ago we were hoping and praying for 20 children.  And this year we are opening the doors of PCA to 113 children.  And with the addition of our 2nd grade classroom, we now […]

Update #201902 – Highly Encouraged

WOW!!  What an amazing trip to Nicaragua.  I just spent a week in Palacaguina and there are not words capable of expressing how great of a trip it was.  This year is going to be our best year yet and the future of PCA is very bright.  I believe we have a strong, unified team […]

Update #201901 – We Want More

In Psalm 63, from within the wilderness, David cries out, “O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you.” Can you feel David’s desperation for more of God?  The deep, insatiable longing of his soul.  Do we have such a desire for God beloved?  […]