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Do you love children?  Does teaching English abroad interest you?  Do you have a desire to serve God through building the future of children and changing a generation in the name of Jesus. If so, then serving as a full-time missionary in Palacaguina, Nicaragua may be where God is calling you.

We would be grateful to have you as a full-time missionary at Palacaguina Christian Academy and to help you follow the call God has placed in your life.  As a missionary at PCA, you would be a critical resource for helping young children learn English and build their future.  Learning English is one of the most important skills a child can achieve in their culture as it opens the doors for them to break the cycle of poverty through good paying jobs requiring English.  Additionally, as you teach English, you can build into their character and share the love of Jesus with them. 

You will have the opportunity to learn and/or grow in the Spanish language, a truly valuable skill in itself.  You will have many opportunities to serve God in the community, learn a new culture, and grow in your personal walk with the Lord as you serve children and make a true difference in their lives.

If you would like to apply to be a full-time missionary at PCA, here is some more high-level information and an application you can submit.  We look forward to meeting you.


Frequently Asked Questions about being a Missionary at PCA

How much do I need to raise to be a missionary at PCA?

  • Startup – Getting started expenses: $1,300-$2,000
    • Flight to Nicaragua – $800-$1,500
    • Initial moving/transition costs – $500
  • Monthly – Monthly Base Living/Ministry Expenses: $1,250
    • Though each missionary is unique and needs vary, your base expected needs would be covered with $1,000 per month. Up to $2,000 is allowed.
  • One-Year Total: $17,000 (80% must be raised/pledged prior to arriving in Palacaguina; 20% is allowed to be raised throughout your year.)

Where would a stay as a missionary?

  • Option 1: Mission home located next to the school.
  • Option 2: Stay with a local family.
  • Option 3: Coming soon: Missionary apartments.

What would I do as a missionary?

  • Your primary focus would be supporting PCA’s objective to teach children English. You would assist and eventually teach English classes at PCA to students ages 3 through 12.  Additionally, you would be able to serve in multiple evangelistic roles within the community by serving in a local church, participating in outreach projects, and hosting teams that visit from the US.

How long would I serve as a missionary?

  • We ask for commitments of at least 1 year. However, initially, you can only commit to 1 year at PCA.  After the first year, there will be an evaluation of your time at PCA and you are required to return to the US to visit with your sponsors, your sending church, and reflect on your experience with the Lord.  After prayerful consideration, a positive review of your service at PCA, and confirmation of your calling with the Lord, you are welcome to return to PCA and commit for 1, 2, or 3 years.

Do I have to have a sending church or organization?

  • No, you do not have to have a sending church or organization, however, your success on the mission field is directly tied to the support structure you have. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to evaluate your support system and ensure you have a sufficient system of support for being a missionary.
Our Mission

What We Stand For

We will educate, equip and empower children to reach their greatest potential by providing a safe and holistic learning environment that incorporates health, individual responsibility, and social and moral values.


Brianna Stephens

BRIANNA is currently working as a missionary serving with a local church in the city of Palacaguina. Though starting as a PCA missionary in 2019, Brianna has found the opportunity to continue serving the Lord in Palacaguina with a local church she became involved in while working at PCA.  We are grateful for being able to continue to support Brianna as she follows the Lord in Palacaguina.

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Bailey Gillis

My name is Bailey Gillis and I’ve been a missionary at PCA since January of 2021. I spent my first year in preschool but I currently teach English to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. However, I’m active in all areas of PCA, as there are always needs.

In addition to my roles at PCA, I’m also active in my local church and gospel-based programs with children and young adults. Please consider supporting me, as my salary is 100% supporter based.

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