Become a PCA Missionary Intern

Interested in being a full-time missionary but worried about committing for a full year.  At PCA we offer missionary internships of 3 and 6 month durations.  As a missionary intern, you will be able to have the full experience of being a foreign missionary without having to commit to an extended period of time. 

As an intern, you will stay with and be mentored by an existing full-time missionary serving at PCA.  You will have the opportunity to learn and experience what it is to be a missionary for Christ living abroad.  You will participate in working with children at Palacaguina Christian Academy school teaching English and building into the community.

Frequently Asked Questions about being a Missionary intern at PCA

How much do I need to raise to be a missionary intern at PCA

  • 3-months: $2,000 + $2,250 = $4,250
    • Travel + Monthly (3)
  • 6-months: $2,000 + $4,500 + $1,000 = $7,500
    • Travel + Monthly (6) + Visa Trip

Where would I stay?

  • You will stay in our missions home on the property in a group room. Depending on the number of current interns or missions teams in country, this may or may not be private.

What would I do as a missionary intern?

  • You will assist our current full-time missionaries in their duties and ministries both at the school and in the community.

How long do I serve?

  • We have both 3-month and 6-month options available. The 6-month option will require an additional trip mid-way through your internship to reset your 90-day travel visa to either the US or Costa Rica.


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