About Palacaguina Christian Academy

Welcome to Palacaguina Christian Academy! PCA was formed as an extension of Managua Christian Academy in Managua, Nicaragua. MCA is a school that has been meeting the needs of students in Managua since 2005. MCA is considered one of the top private schools in Managua with an excellent reputation hard earned by a dedicated and experienced staff. When Henry, the founder of MCA, was asked to expand his school into Palacaguina he was amazed (to say the least), as not many private schools are given permission to expand. Through working with the local government and because of MCA’s excellent reputation, Palacaguina Christian Academy was granted permission to open in February of 2017.

PCA is a bilingual christian school nestled in a small, green mountainside, on the NE side of Palacaguina, Nicaragua. PCA’s initial goal upon the school’s opening in February 2017 is to educate children from pre-k to kindergarten with a planned expansion, adding a grade level every year until PCA becomes a fully operating pre-school, primary school and secondary school for the students of Palacaguina. PCA will also provide space for community events, bible studies, college classes and a library that not only students will use, but will be available to the community at large as the only library in town. PCA is a needed and wanted addition to the town of Palacaguina for it’s unique status as the only bilingual school in the region. PCA will serve as a launching point to give students access to a brighter future.

What is the PCA difference?

PCA is bilingual: PCA seeks to emerge kids in an english language classroom, recognizing that exposure to a new language at a child’s young age, increases a child’s ability to learn a second language and greatly effects english comprehension once the student becomes an adult. The community and the government of Nicaragua aspire that their students learn english specifically as many of the better paying jobs as adults are reserved for those who can speak english as well as spanish.

PCA is a christian school: The region of Palacaguina lacks christian school options for students. We believe that true long term change for a student’s future starts with a relationship with Jesus Christ. While we do not require our students to be or become Christians, we do expose them to the love of Christ daily and equip them to make the decision for themselves when they are ready.

PCA creates quality facilities: We have gone to great lengths to create positive learning environments for our students, above and beyond what is usually required. We worked with quality building materials to reduce heat retention in the classrooms, we installed private toilets in every pre-school room, (The first private toilet installed in the entire town was in 2012), and we have painted children’s murals on the walls to help the school rooms shine. Around the campus grounds, PCA will eventually be shaded and cool, in thanks to the local governments donation of hundreds of tree shoots. PCA has plans as well for a garden in the future.

Community enrichment: The PCA facility will exist as a pre-12th grade school during school hours, to be used after the school day ends as a facility to meet various needs within the community. Some of the community needs to be met are as follows: after school english enrichment immersion classes, after school student activities such as taekwondo, english education classes for adults, trade school classes hosted by community members, and the possibility of a nearby university hosting evening classes once the secondary classrooms are completed (which would not have been possible without PCA in the community).