Shop for Change

When you Shop for Change you are helping to support PCA and the community of Palacaguina on their journey towards providing a better future for their children. 100% of your purchase (minus the product cost and shipping) goes to the general fund of Palacaguina Christian Academy. You purchase will help with student scholarships, school supplies, staff salaries, construction, and community outreach program support.

In order to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of Palacaguina, we rely on the generosity of you, our donors!

Celebrate Christmas with us by purchasing a LOVEPALA ornament! The beautifully laser cut ornament is made from a small family business in WI who use USA hardwoods, which are a renewable, biodegradable and sustainable resource.

loverev1_grande backside_grande

$20.00 Minimum Suggested Donation

Approximate Dimensions: 3 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ x 3/16″

Black Cherry wood.

Consider giving the ornament as a gift (or two!). We need your to help spread the word about Palacaguina Christian Academy in the hope that others will join us to pray for and to LovePala!

All of our awesome donors will have access to our donors only portion of the website. In the Donor’s Only page you will find picture updates, letters from the children, information to help inspire and involve more people to LovePala, and most importantly we will post prayer requests for the realtime needs of the PCA ministry.


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