Sample Panels

Make sure to select “Yes” to “Use Panels?” to turn on panels for your page.

See sample panel options below:

HTML Panel

Use this option to add any kind of panel you’d like using your own HTML code.


There is a fully tooled WYSIWYG panel on the backend to support this panel. You can easily add images, embed videos, use shortcodes, add a form, or anything else you might want to do with HTML.

Image Panel

Parallax is optional. Panel height is adjustable. Title/subtitle are optional and colors can be adjusted.

CTA Columns

Column 1

This is where you can add column content.

Column 2

You can have from 2-6 columns. Images can be squared, rounded, or circular.

Column 3

You can have a colored background or an image background.

Column 4

CTA button for each column is optional.

Image/Video plus text

Text, title, and button are all optional and colors can be selected. Background color/image is optional. Text can go to right or left of image/video.

Layouts include:

Left side one-third, Right side two-thirds
Split equally
Left side two-thirds, Right side one-third

Content with CTA

This panel has an optional background image/color. You can also edit the title, text, and button colors. Title, text, and button are all optional. Just leave the fields blank to turn them “off.” Title/text/button alignment can all be edited.

The content area is html editable, so you can add styling, images, links, tags, etc. if you’d like.

Video Panel

Split Panel with image background

Overlay panel can specify a background color, text/title/button colors, and text/button alignment. Title, content, and button are all optional. Overlay panel can be positioned to the left, centered, or to the right over image.

Background image covers the entire panel, so adjust image dimensions accordingly. Background image sizes responsively, so check to make sure you like how it looks across various screen sizes.