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The story of Don Pastor, age 95, and his wife Dona Simona, age 82, is one of compassion, caring and hope.  This precious, elderly couple was struggling to survive and facing a Nicaraguan winter with little means and few options.

The Introduction

In December of 2019, we discovered Pastor and Simona living in extreme conditions of poverty.  Unable to pay their electricity bill of $1, little food, some days not even having a match to light a fire and facing exposure to a fast approaching Nicaraguan winter.  In an effort to meet the immediate need, PCA provided warm clothing, blankets and enough food for a month.  Additionally, we began praying for some way to help this couple.

Heroic Compassion

After telling their story in our monthly update, one of PCA’s student sponsors, shared the update with a friend.  Moved by an elderly couple struggling to even come up with $1 to keep electricity and having no food, this compassionate friend of PCA decided to help this couple to meet their needs.  Praise the Lord!

Restoring Hope

Learning more, we found the electric company actually disconnected the service and thieves stole the unpowered lines supplying electricity to this area.  Working through our local government relationships and raising $150, we were able to restore the electrical connections.  With a new monthly commitment of $30, starting in February we have been able to provide food and basic supplies every month to restore hope to this precious couple.

At Death’s Door

It was almost too late.  In May Don Pastor was rushed to the hospital.  Facing respiratory difficulties, prolonged malnutrition and epilepsy complications they gave Don Pastor only days to live.  His only request: to be home to die with his wife by his side.  Unable to access his community by vehicle due to swollen rivers, they carried him 2 miles by hammock to bring him home.  The outlook was not good.

Prayer and a Miracle

With much prayer and against all odds, Don Pastor recovered.  Praise God for His mercy and kindness.  In our July 2020 visit we found Don Pastor well and full of energy to tell his story.  He shared stories of being a master potter most of his life making artisan clay pots and of his being an expert in making hats from the leaves of palms.  In his youth, he would help Catholic priests carry out their work in the community, but he did not know Christ as his savior then.  Christ came into his life and for many years now he has dedicated his life to sharing the Gospel as a Christian.  We are grateful to know Don Pastor’s heart is filled with the Love of Christ.

Humble conditions

Don Pastor and Dona Simona live in the Las Plasuela community, which is a very small and extremely poor community in the northern mountains of Nicaragua, accessible only via 4WD.  Their home is mostly open with rocks and old tree wood making up their only furniture to sit on.  The only room serves as their living room, kitchen and bedroom.  The sink and their utensils are recycled plastic containers they cut for each purpose.  They are surrounded by extreme poverty.

Having Nothing, Possessing Everything

Though by worldly standards they truly have nothing, in their hearts, they are rich in joy, happiness, and the love of Jesus Christ.  Always ready to encourage and share anything they have with others.  They are powerful real-life examples of 2 Corinthians 6:10, “having nothing, and yet possessing everything.”  Oh for us to learn the true joy and richness that comes through a relationship with Christ and not through possessions or things.

 The Best Part

How Don Pastor and Dona Simona feel about their sponsor who helps them every month is the best part.  They are so thankful for the generous heart, so far away, who has never met them in person but provides literally what they need to survive.  It has been one of the most powerful encouragements to them and their faith that God loves them so much to care for them through a complete stranger whom they may never personally know.  What a testimony of Gods love!

Making a Real Impact

Our prayer is for this story to encourage you as you partner with PCA.  Whether it is providing an education to a child giving them an opportunity to rise out of poverty, building a home for a family, delivering food and hope to small communities, building a community’s first-ever chapel, or providing life-giving food and clothing to an elderly couple, you are making a real impact in the lives of real people.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]