Download Free Resources

  1. Pictures
  2. Commitment Cards
  3. Videos to Watch
  4. Nicaragua Recipes
  5. Information Sheets
  6. How to have a successful event:

             a. Send invitations (and reminders)

             b. Pray before your eventc.

             c. Cook a Nica dish using one of the recipe cards provided

             d. Setup a table with information sheets, pictures

             e. Have a viewing space to show the two videos

             f. Have coffee freshly brewed and ready when guests arrive

             g. Open your event in prayer

             h. Keep it short and stay on time

             i. After the video, give the ASK, hand each guest a commitment card                  and ask them to pray. Give them a respond by date.

             j. Close your event with prayer and thank everyone for coming

             k. Extras: Create a gift/thanks bags foe each guest

Hosting Packet ($50)

  1. 25 Printed out Commitment Cards
  2. 10 pictures of PCA
  3. 25 Recipe Cards to handout to guests
  4. 25 Information Sheets/Cards
  5. ½ lb of Palacaguina Coffee
  6. 2 Nicaragua 5x8in Stick Flags –
  7. Blue and/or White Table Cloth
  8. 5 1oz Sample Bags of Palacaguina Coffee (While supplies last)
  9. Table topper blue/white items
  10. 25 business cards for PCA to hand out
  11. How to have a successful event