Update #201911 – MAKING AN IMPACT

What a blessing it is to know we are making a real impact in the lives of so many children and families.  Together, through Christ, there are 16 families with stable, full time jobs; 115 children receiving an education and hope for the future; nearly 20,000 meals provided…I could go on and on about all God has done through you and through PCA.  Thank you for helping us make a truly lasting impact on so many lives for the kingdom!!



I am traveling to Florida!  I look forward to seeing many of you and bringing praise to God for all He has done.

I will be in the following places:

Sunday, December 1stRenewal Church, Jupiter FL – PM Service (6:30pm)

Saturday, December 7thChrist Central Church, Titusville FL – 3-5pm – Partner Appreciation

Sunday, December 8th, Rockledge United Methodist Church, Rockledge, FL – AM Service (10:30am)

In each of these venues I will be sharing the stories of the impact you have been making through your partnership with PCA.  You will definitely want to see the pictures and hear the exciting stories of how God is moving in Palacaguina through this ministry and your generosity. Hope to see you there!  Friends are always welcome.

If you would like to get together, I will be in Titusville Mon-Fri, Dec 2nd-6th.



I am so proud of how our teachers are creatively, working hard to educate and grow our students.  In October we had our first “Fruit Day” where children were encouraged to bring healthy fruits to school and were taught the importance of healthy eating.  We saw apples, grapes, coconut, mango, oranges, guayaba and bananas.

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This month, our students celebrated the indigenous peoples of Nicaragua by dressing up and having a mini-parade to honor the historic peoples of Nicaragua.  It was a fun day for the children and a good way for them to learn more of their beautiful history and culture.

20191011_080825 20191011_085941 Marching









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Such a proud moment for PCA as two of our first grade students placed 1st and 2nd place in a city-wide reading competition.  This is a moment truly representing the impact PCA can have on the life and future of a child.  I will be sharing the full story and backstory in detail at our events in Florida next month.  We congratulate Erick Daniel and Andrea Nicole for their amazing accomplishment!!  Erick will move up to represent the city of Palacaguina and PCA at the upcoming regional competition.

















We are getting so close to finishing the bathroom project.  Only $5,105 to complete it.  Praise God!!!  In addition, we are preparing to start work on the 3rd grade classroom floor and the bathroom floors.  We still have several projects to complete by February so please continue to pray for these needs.



  1. God’s continued provision for our remaining construction projects this year ($9,205)
  2. Divine appointments and the Lords favor for the Florida trip in December
  3. God to move on hearts as we plan our 2020 mission trips
  4. Safe travels and opportunities for Brianna as she travels to the US for 2 months


Please pray specifically for these areas and that God will provide for each need.

  1. Finish our Primary school bathrooms by January 2020 ($24,175)

$1,750 by June 1st – GOAL MET                     $6,000 by August 1st – GOAL MET

$5,000 by September 15th – GOAL MET        $5,400 by October 1st – GOAL MET

$6,025 $5,105 by December 15thNOT FULLY MET

  •              Bathroom Flooring – $920 – GOAL MET
  •              Bathroom Wall Tiling – $1,325 – NOT MET
  •              Bathroom Internal Stalls – $2,000 – NOT MET
  •              Purchase/Install 8 toilets – $1,085 – NOT MET
  •              Purchase/Install 2 urinals – $150 – NOT MET
  •              Purchase/Install Sinks – $545 – NOT MET
  1. Finish our 3rd Grade Classroom by January 2020 ($3,200)
    1. 3rd Grade Classroom Floor – $1,100 – GOAL MET
    2. 3rd Grade Classroom Doors – $300 – NOT MET
    3. 3rd Grade Classroom Windows – $1,000 – NOT MET
    4. Whiteboard/Furniture – $500 – GOAL MET
    5. Classroom Television – $300 – GOAL MET
  1. Finish our safety rails, fencing and gate by February 2020 ($2,800)
    1. Front Gate – $700 – NOT MET
    2. Chain link fencing/installation – $1,500 – NOT MET
    3. Safety Railing – $600 – NOT MET



We gladly introduce to you two children needing sponsorship at PCA.  Sponsoring a child not only provides a quality education, but a meal every day, uniforms, books and supplies to help them stay in school.  Please share with others the opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a child.  A sharable page is provided along with this update.



Astrid is 5 years old and livers with her mom and grandparents.  She is a cheerful, active and very intelligent young girl.  She loves to sing and wants to learn the piano.  One day, she would like to be a doctor to help children and adults.









Anthony is 4 years old and lives with his Mom and Dad in Palacaguina.  Anthony is a very curious and well behaved little boy who loves his sister a lot.  Anthony really enjoys learning about animals and wants to be a doctor when he grows up so he can help people like his dad does.








God is so good!!  We are forever grateful for all of you who partner with us in prayer and support each month to make a difference in the lives of the children and families in Palacaguina.  We pray you never grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9)  What a blessing to being doing so much for the kingdom together and to know that God promises us a wonderful harvest for our diligence and perseverance.  We thank you for the sacrifices you make in order to so deeply touch the lives of others.  We could not do this without you!!

Dios te bendiga de la familia Witonski!!!  (God Bless you from the Witonski family)


Want more frequent updates, pictures and videos?  Check out the schools Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AcademiaCristianaPalacaguina/












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