Update #201909 – KEEP MOVING FORWARD

With all the activity and progress of a strong year at PCA, we keep moving forward to accomplish the mission God has called us to.  The current projects remind us there is so much left to do, but we know that God is faithful and will finish the work He has started at PCA.  We are encouraged by the ways God continues to provide and bless us with the ongoing opportunities to pour into the community and lives of the children and families in Palacaguina.  We are getting to make a real difference for real people and it is an honor serving with each of you, our prayer partners and sponsors, in this mission for the kingdom.



We are super excited to welcome our newest missionary volunteer, Brianna, who will be teaching English at PCA.  She arrived safely and officially joined us this month.  Brianna feels God’s call to love and minister to the children of Palacaguina.  Please continue to lift her up in your prayers as she transitions into her new position at the school as our primary school English teacher.



  1. God’s provision for our construction projects this year ($16,500)
  2. For the struggling families in Palacaguina
  3. God to move on hearts as we plan our 2020 mission trips



To more focus your prayer, these are the God sized goals’ details we have for next year:

  1. Finish our Primary school bathrooms by January 2020 ($26,000)
    1. $1,750 by June 1stGOAL MET
    2. $6,000 by August 1stGOAL MET
    3. $5,000 by September 15thGOAL MET
    4. $5,000 by October 1st1/2 Goal Met
    5. $5,000 by November 15th – NOT MET
    6. $5,000 by December 31st – NOT MET
  2. Finish our 3rd Grade Classroom by January 2020 ($2,300)
    1. 3rd Grade Classroom Floor – $1,500 – NOT MET
    2. Whiteboard/Furniture – $500 – 1/2 Goal Met
    3. Classroom Television – $300 – NOT MET
  3. Finish our safety perimeter fencing and gate by February 2020 ($2,200)
    1. Front Gate – $700 – NOT MET
    2. Chain link fencing/installation – $1,500 – NOT MET

These projects are critical for us to complete in order to add our 3rd grade classroom next year.



We enjoyed a visit from several US pastors in Palacaguina for an annual pastor’s conference.  They visited the school and were very encouraged to see the work being done for the kingdom.  We always love visitors.

20190809_110344 20190809_110002









We have one project completing this month and one that is making great progress.

With the completion of our stairway project, teams and visitors now have a safe way to and from the school.













And, our primary school bathroom project is making great progress.  These new bathrooms are vital to us being able to continue opening new primary school classrooms each year.

20190829_103012 20190829_103006







20190829_103129 20190829_102746






Praise the Lord for the provision to accomplish these projects for the school.



El Tamarindo is a small village in the mountains near Palacaguina.  Small communities such as El Tamarindo are struggling even more with the current economic situation in Nicaragua.  In an effort to help, our teachers purchased meat and along with our school rice & beans cooked a meal and brought clothing, shoes and other donations for the children of the community.  With a piñata and a movie to bring the children a little joy it was a wonderful outreach.  Thank you to our teachers who are reaching out with the love of Christ.

20190809_125757 20190809_173258






20190809_153644 20190809_153543









PCA continues to be the best choice for families in Palacaguina.  Parents know that an education means a future for their children and we are honored when families choose PCA.  Each new student means a new opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child and their family with the love of Christ.  Please pray with us that as new children come, new sponsors will join as well to help make the difference.  With that said, we welcome our new 1st grade student to PCA.


Erick is 7 years old and lives with his Mom and Dad in Palacaguina.  Erick and his family recently moved to Palacaguina for work reasons.  When his parents had to decide what the best opportunity is for Erick, we are grateful they chose PCA.  We are looking forward to sharing the love of Christ with Erick and his family.









Remember as you share Erick with others that sponsorship not only provides a valuable education, but a meal every day, uniforms, books and supplies to help Erick attend and stay in school.


Looking back on all God has done and looking at all God is doing in Palacaguina, we cannot help but be grateful for all our partners and sponsors who God is using to make this possible.  God is so good to have provided such a wonderful family of supporters who pray and give each month to make everything we are doing in Palacaguina a reality.  Thank you for the sacrifices you make each month in order to make a real difference in the world and to make an impact for the Kingdom of God.  Bless you for your heart to serve!!

Dios te bendiga de la familia Witonski!!!  (God Bless you from the Witonski family)

On a Personal Note

This month Deborah and I celebrated our 17th Wedding Anniversary.









What an amazing, wonderful journey it has been!!!


Want more frequent updates, pictures and videos?  Check out the schools Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AcademiaCristianaPalacaguina/













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