Update #201908 – TRES AÑOS (Three years)

This month we celebrate year 3 of Palacaguina Christian Academy.  What a blessing to have been serving the children and families of Palacaguina for these last 3 years.  Through every struggle and every praise, we can say without a doubt that God is good!!  We are so grateful for each one of you who are a part of this celebration.  You, allowing God to use you and being obedient to His calling in your heart to give and pray, are the reason we can celebrate.  Thank you for being a part of what God is doing in Palacaguina!



We had a wonderful celebration for all of our students, teachers and their families to rejoice together.  We had face painting, a trampoline and of course…food!  The kids absolutely loved the trampoline and I love what they did with our giant teddy bear.  The theme was “De colores PCA” or “The colors of PCA”.  Each of our classrooms coordinated to come in different colors and it was beautiful.  Everyone had a wonderful time.

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To more focus your prayer, these are the God sized goals’ details we have for next year:

  1. Finish our 3rd Grade Classroom by December 2019 ($2,300)
    1. 3rd Grade Classroom Floor – $1,500 – NOT MET
    2. Whiteboard/Furniture – $500 – NOT MET
    3. Classroom Television – $300 – NOT MET
  2. Finish our Primary school bathrooms by January 2020 ($26,000)
    1. $1,750 by June 1stGOAL MET
    2. $6,000 by August 1stGOAL MET
    3. $5,000 by September 15thGOAL MET – PRAISE GOD!!!
    4. $5,000 by October 1st – NOT MET
    5. $5,000 by November 15th – NOT MET
    6. $5,000 by December 31st – NOT MET
  3. Finish our safety perimeter fencing and gate by February 2020 ($2,200)
    1. Front Gate – $700 – NOT MET
    2. Chain link fencing/installation – $1,500 – NOT MET


These projects are critical for us to complete in order to add our 3rd grade classroom next year.



We finished the Septic Tank project.  This is our first step in building our primary school bathrooms and we are super happy to have this complete.  In addition, we are almost finished with the stairway project to connect the mission’s house to the school.  Now, teams and visitors will have a safe way up and down!

IMG_5574 IMG_4062 (1) IMG_4026








IMG_5877 IMG_5876







IMG_5886 IMG_5907









Meet two of our children needing sponsors this year.  Sponsorship not only provides a valuable education for these children, but a meal every school day, uniforms, books and supplies.  Please share these wonderful children and the opportunity to partner with PCA.  You can see their full information page with this update.



Alex is 4 years old and lives with his Mom and Dad in Palacaguina.  Alex is a positive, quiet boy who likes everything to be neat and in order.  His best friend is his Brother.  Alex would like to be a mechanic and repair trucks and cranes.  He would also like to play baseball one day for the New York Yankees.



Nelly is 4 years old and lives with her Mom and Dad in Palacaguina.  She is a shy girl who loves to sing, is very organized and enjoys school.  She says she wants to be a doctor so she can help adults when their hearts hurt.



  1. Pray every child will be sponsored for 2019 (we have 17)
  2. Pray for our new English volunteer as she prepares to arrive (she arrives this month)
  3. God’s provision for our construction projects this year ($19,500)



It is not possible for us to express how grateful we are for you in only words.  We hope each one of you truly know how deeply thankful we are for your partnership with us in all God is doing in and through the ministry of PCA.  Together we are literally the hands and feet of Christ serving these children and their families.  Bless you for all you do and we pray you fully grasp the amazing impact you are making in Palacaguina!



Dios te bendiga de la familia Witonski!!!  (God Bless you from the Witonski family)


Joyce Kang Photography-069



Want more frequent updates, pictures and videos?  Check out the schools Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AcademiaCristianaPalacaguina/



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