Update #201907 – SO MUCH TO DO

Update #201907 – SO MUCH TO DO

We have now reached half-way through the school year and how exciting it is to continue loving our kids with the love of Christ and build into their futures through a solid education.  This school year has been such a blessing.  But, in our joy, we are reminded of the projects we need to complete before January so we can open our 3rd grade classroom.  We have about $30,500 worth of projects to complete.  Please be praying for us as we work towards next year that God will open hearts and doors to make these much needed projects a reality.  There is so much still to do, but we know that through God, all things are possible.



To more focus your prayer, these are the God sized goals’ details we have for next year:

  1. Finish our 3rd Grade Classroom by December 2019 ($2,300)
    1. 3rd Grade Classroom Floor – $1,500 – NOT MET
    2. Whiteboard/Furniture – $500 – NOT MET
    3. Classroom Television – $300 – NOT MET
  2. Finish our Primary school bathrooms by January 2020 ($26,000)
    1. $1,750 by June 1stGOAL MET
    2. $6,000 by August 1stGOAL MET
    3. $5,000 by September 15th – NOT MET
    4. $5,000 by October 1st – NOT MET
    5. $10,000 by December 31st – NOT MET
  3. Finish our safety perimeter fencing and gate by February 2020 ($2,200)
    1. Front Gate – $700 – NOT MET
    2. Chain link fencing/installation – $1,500 – NOT MET

These projects are critical for us to complete in order to add our 3rd grade classroom next year.



In partnership with the Nicaragua Ministry of Health, nurses visited PCA to perform medical evaluations of our students including height, weight, vision, nutritional health and immunizations.  This is an answer to prayer as we seek to ensure our students are doing well in their health as well as their education.


20190619_110400 20190619_103243 20190617_103418









PCA ARBOR DAY (kind of)

To help reforest Nicaragua, we partnered with a group of youth backed by our local government office to plant trees in the green areas in and around PCA.  The group of youth helped our 2nd grade students plant 50 trees as part of a classroom activity.  In addition to planting the youth spoke to our students about the importance of trees and the value they bring to the environment.

20190625_092345 20190625_092326















Meet two of our children needing sponsors this year.  Sponsorship not only provides a valuable education for these children, but a meal every school day, uniforms, books and supplies.  Please share these wonderful children and the opportunity to partner with PCA.  You can see their full information page with this update.


Noan Oswaldol Reyes CastilloMEET NOAN (PreK-3)

Noan is 3 years old and lives in the city of Palacaguina with his Mom and Dad.  He is a cheerful little boy and likes to color and sing. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up to operate on his stuffed animals and people.




Roxana Paulina Hernandez Olivas.MEET ROXANA (PreK-3)

Roxana is 4 years old and lives in the Las Llantas community of Palacaguina with her Mom.  She is a funny girl who likes to sing, dance and spend time with her best friend.  Roxana would like to be a doctor one day to take care of her mommy.




We were blessed again with many wonderful donations from the American Nicaragua Foundation (ANF).  Praise God for this valuable partnership that provides us with Food, Furniture, Classroom Supplies and many other items each quarter.  This quarter we received packaged food, teacher desks, a palet of school supplies, bathroom tissue and a Teddy Bear.  Cannot wait to see what we do with the Teddy Bear. (The stuffed one that is. 🙂 )

IMG_3622 IMG_3601 IMG_3582 IMG_3533







  1. Pray every child will be sponsored for 2019 (we have 17)
  2. Pray for our new English volunteer’s health (she arrives in August)
  3. God’s provision for our construction projects this year ($30k)



It is always an honor each month to share with you the activities and ministry of PCA.  Your prayers and your support make it possible for us to love and minister to the children and families of Palacaguina.  We could not do this without each of you continuing to partner with us each month.  Thank you for sharing your passion to make a difference with others and grow our family of partners who are allowing us to grow and open our doors to new students each year.  Bless you and your heart to Change a Generation!!

Dios te bendiga de la familia Witonski!!!  (God Bless you from the Witonski family)

Want more frequent updates, pictures and videos?  Check out the schools Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AcademiaCristianaPalacaguina/









BONUS:  Children of PCA; Noan Information Sheet; Roxana Information Sheet











































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