Update #201906 – VERY STRONG YEAR

Update #201906 – VERY STRONG YEAR

This year is proving to be one of our strongest years yet.  As we continue to grow we learn more and each day brings new opportunities to improve our processes and procedures.  With so much pressure to expand our programs and so much need surrounding us, we are pacing ourselves and staying focused on our core mission to provide a quality education and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As the Lord provides, we will gladly expand, but for now, we are concentrating on solidifying what is in place and preparing for one year of growth at a time.



We are so thankful for what God has provided, but we never want to become complacent or satisfied.  With so much opportunity, we want to always strive to do more for the Kingdom and grow the impact of PCA in Palacaguina.  As we pray and trust God to continually provide, we look forward to what is next.  We wanted to share with you our main goals this year so you can be praying and believing with us:

  1. Finish our 3rd Grade Classroom by December 2019
  2. Finish perimeter fence for the Primary school by January 2020
  3. Finish our Primary school bathrooms by January 2020


These projects are critical for us to complete in order to add our 3rd grade classroom next year.

Please pray that God will open hearts and doors to provide the means to complete these projects.

Our current projects are the primary school bathroom and a safety wall and stairs for the school.   The new septic tank for the bathrooms is well underway and the stairs are looking good.  We should begin construction on the back safety wall in June.

IMG_5092 IMG_5121 IMG_2510 IMG_5275 FutureStairs














A big thank you to Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas for hosting us on Sunday, May 12th.  It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and share the amazing work God is doing in Palacaguina.  We are grateful for your continued support and partnership and we look forward to serving together another year.

IMG_20190512_100459019 IMG_20190512_100434502 IMG_20190512_100408327









This month we wanted to fill our update with pictures of what PCA looks like today.  We are grateful for all of you who partner with us in prayer and support to make this ministry a reality.  God is using each and every one of you to make an impact in the lives of these wonderful children and give them a brighter future.  Here we have English tutoring with Abner, the playground, chapel and traditional dance day at the school.

20190522_115213 20190522_115412 20190522_115906






20190522_111714 20190522_111814 20190522_141458 20190523_100724








On May 28th, PCA was visited by the Ministry of Education (MINED) Managua.  This is an annual visit to verify we are complying with the requirements established by Nicaraguan law for operating a school.  We are happy to report, we received a positive review and they even took pictures of PCA to use as examples for other schools to follow.  Praise the Lord for a good review and being allowed to continue our efforts.

 IMG_5351 IMG_5344 - Copy








The next trip to Palacaguina is tentatively planned for the week of July 21st.  If you or your tribe would like to accompany me, see PCA up close, meet the children, and make a personal impact on the school, contact me by June 7th at bwitonski@gmail.com.  Total cost of the trip would be around $1,800 per person for a group of 10 or individually would be $1,100 + airfare.



19 students still need a sponsor this year.  Please continue to join with us in prayer for new partners who would be willing to sponsor one or more of these wonderful children.  And share with others about the good work being done in Palacaguina.  They can partner with you in sponsoring a child for only $40 a month.  If you have a church or group who would like a presentation on PCA and its impact, please contact me via e-mail.

Student Sponsor 001 Student Sponsor 002







  1. Pray every child will be sponsored for 2019
  2. Pray for our staff, students and families in Palacaguina
  3. God’s provision for our construction projects this year


PRAISE – Thank you to those who prayed and are praying for Nathan Johnston.  Last month I mentioned how he suffered a head injury.  We are grateful to report he is doing much better.  His surgeries went well and he is on the road to recovery.  He is returning to the US for a time to see a neuro ophthalmologist and for physical therapy.








God is so good!!  And we are incredibly grateful for all of you who pray for and partner with us each month.  You are the literal hands and feet of God doing the work of the kingdom.  Your efforts and sacrifices make such a difference in the lives of our children and we are so thankful for you.  We pray for you and your families that you are well and that each day you are aware of and know the impact you are making.

Dios te bendiga de la familia Witonski!!!  (God Bless you from the Witonski family)

Want more frequent updates, pictures and videos?  Check out the schools Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AcademiaCristianaPalacaguina/












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