As we continue in our school year, we are blessed to have so many wonderful partners and a strong local team making a difference in the lives of our children and families each day.  Together we are all part of one mission to Change a Generation.  Thank you to all of you who partner with us in prayer and child sponsorship to make Palacaguina Christian Academy a reality every month.



Our recent event in Central Arkansas was an absolute success.  Thank you to the 50+ partners who were able to make it out in the stormy weather to hear all that you accomplished in 2018.  We hope you felt the impact you are making and our extreme appreciation for your partnership.  For those who were not able to make it, we hope to see you at our next event.  And a big thank you to our sponsoring church, Fellowship North, for hosting the event and to the youth group who came out to help make the night a success.

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The 2018 Partner Appreciation Plaque which was at the event will be brought to Palacaguina later this year and permanently affixed to the school.  Just a small way we want to honor each of you and your impact.Plaque-02











During the Holy Week Break, we took the opportunity to continue building into our teachers and staff at PCA by providing a team building trip to Jinotega.  Together, with some family, our team spent the day in Jinotega exploring the sites and serving along-side a young couple evangelizing and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a small community.  One of our primary focuses this year is teamwork and building into our local team.  The feedback from our staff was extremely positive and we hope to find more ways to grow and build our team.

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We want our staff to not only work together but to serve together.  While on the trip to Jinotega our staff took the opportunity to help a local community, Sisle, by distributing coats, shoes, backpacks, notebooks and pencils to children and residents of the community.  They also brought a piñata for the children.  The children were extremely happy to receive the gifts and they always love a good piñata.

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Each year, the local Ministry of Education (MINED) distributes backpacks and school supplies to small communities around Palacaguina.  However, they do not have transportation available to reach the poorer communities further away.  This year, PCA partnered with the MINED providing fuel and a vehicle to bring these supplies to seven communities.  Yet another way we are partnering locally to help.

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The next trip to Palacaguina is planned for the month of July.  If you or your tribe would like to accompany me, see PCA up close, meet the children, and make a personal impact on the school, contact me by May 31st at bwitonski@gmail.com.  Total cost of the trip would be around $1,800 per person.



We have completed the land work paving the way for all our future development of the PCA campus.  Our next big project for PCA will be additional bathrooms allowing us to meet the needs of our growing primary school.  This is a critical project to complete this year and we will begin with a new septic tank next month.

To the delight of anyone who has braved the climb from our home to the school, we are well underway on our project to build a safe pathway to the school for future teams serving at PCA.  We hope to complete this project by the end of this Summer.











22 students still need a sponsor this year.  Please continue to join with us in prayer for new partners who would be willing to sponsor one or more of these wonderful children.  And share with others about the good work being done in Palacaguina.  They can partner with you in sponsoring a child for only $40 a month.  If you have a church or group who would like a presentation on PCA and its impact, please contact me via e-mail.



  1. Pray every child will be sponsored for 2019
  2. Pray for our staff, students and families in Palacaguina.
  3. Nathan Johnston – Fellow missionary in Nicaragua who recently suffered a head injury.

Pray for his complete healing and restoration to the ministry he so greatly loves.



We are incredibly grateful to all of you who have answered God’s call to help Palacaguina Christian Academy be the only option for children to receive an education and an introduction to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Your impact cannot be overstated.  We thank God for the sacrifices and prayers you make each month.  We absolutely could not minister to and impact so many without your help.  Thank you!!!


Dios te bendiga de la familia Witonski!!!  (God Bless you from the Witonski family)

Want more frequent updates, pictures and videos?  Check out the schools Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AcademiaCristianaPalacaguina/



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