Update #201812 – Endings and Beginnings

It has been an adventure these last few months, but no matter what we face, we know God is so good and He is absolutely in control.  There are great endings to share this month in PCA finishing its second school year and new beginnings as we are learning a new way of ministry and how God is allowing us to continue serving him in Palacaguina even though we are not physically there.  We are grateful for all God is doing.



How incredible to share that we have successfully completed our 2nd year of educating and touching the lives of children and their families in Palacaguina!!  Our last day of classroom instruction was on November 29th and next week we have our Kindergarten graduation.  What a blessing!!  We have been able to make an incredible impact this year because of you who are supporting and praying for PCA.  Give God the glory for the powerful difference you are making by God’s grace through your hands.  We are eagerly looking forward to 2019.

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As we begin the month of December, many look for ways to give back as they reflect on how blessed they are and all God has done in our families through 2018.

As we approach 2019, we have two areas that could greatly use your end-of-the-year giving to help us start the next year fiscally strong.

  • We have several building projects we need to complete in Dec/Jan before the kids return including painting, a much needed safety wall to protect the preschool from rock slides, finishing the roof of our cafeteria and seating as well as a renovation of our main office.
  • We are also looking at a deficit for the 2019 school budget and could use year-end-giving to help with yearly budget items for next year to ease the strain on the budget. Uniforms, Food Partnership, Books, and our 2nd grade teacher are all areas that could use a boost in funding to help.

Any amount of one-time, year-end giving would help PCA tremendously.  Thank you in advance!!

For you AMAZON shoppers, remember to use Amazon Smile and make Arete Schools United your charity.



This month we were able to donate tables, pencils, pens, markers and notebooks to local teachers who must walk long distances to teach children in remote areas with no public transportation.  We are working more and more to not only help educate children at PCA, but to also assist local public education as well.

 IMG_1781 IMG_1776







We have begun a partnership with the Ministry of Education(MINED) to help tutor or teachers to be better educators.  The director of education held a meeting at PCA to encourage and develop our teachers.  This is one of the ways we are working to build professionally into our teachers for our students.


Most would not think about being cold in a country like Nicaragua, however, in the mountains of Nicaragua during the months of November through February, it can get as cold as 58 degrees Fahrenheit.  That may not seem cold to some, but when you live in open homes with little protection from the elements, this can be quite cold.  All this to say, we were blessed with the opportunity to give away jackets to children and adults making their lives a little warmer through the love of Jesus.

 IMG_1594 IMG_1589 IMG_1577 IMG_1525 IMG_1634 IMG_1669
















What a blessing to have so many opportunities to meet real needs in peoples’ lives.  We learned of a 13 year old girl in our community who recently had treatment for a dislocated knee and needed a wheelchair for the next 4-5 months of recovery.  PCA was able to provide a wheelchair so she can recover properly from her surgery.  Her Mother is a local teacher and was very happy to receive this support from PCA.









As you may know, a big part of PCA is sharing the gospel with all of our children during weekly chapel services.  This month a group of young people from the local Assembly of God church came to share about King Jesus, the most important king of all kings.  And more importantly how much better it is to belong to Jesus’ kingdom.  It was a great experience for those youth getting to share the gospel and equally great for our students.  Yet another way PCA is partnering to develop our children and others in the community of Palacaguina.

 IMG_2179 ChapelAll









We are excited to be putting the final touches on our end-of-year sponsor communication to all of you who are blessing our children directly through sponsorship.  We will be mailing these updates out in early December.  I cannot wait for you to see how much your sponsored child has grown this year.

If you are not yet sponsoring a child, please consider making a life-changing impact on a specific child through sponsorship.  We have 7 children who need a sponsor right now and we will have a new class starting next year who will also need new sponsors to invest in their future and make a difference in their lives.







We have officially landed in Austin, Texas.  The last 5 months have been challenging to say the least as we fully explored the refugee lifestyle being separated for over 3 months and living from house to house out of only suitcases.  However, as we have confirmed we will not be able to return to Palacaguina immediately, we felt it was best to land in Austin for the near future.  Michael started his new school and we have felt very welcomed into our new community.  Of course, the last time we came to Austin we received His call to Nicaragua and PCA.  So, we are looking forward to see what God has planned for us now.  Prior to moving, it was an absolute blessing to spend Thanksgiving with our family in Central AR.  We have truly missed this the last several years.



  1. Pray for every child to be sponsored for 2019
  2. Pray for the completion and funding of our Dec/Jan Projects
  3. Pray for our season of hiring/training/preparing of our next school year


  1. The wonderful support of our family and friends
  2. God’s continual provision for our family and the school
  3. Having a home to be in and a great community in Austin, TX
  4. Angels who filled a 16ft truck with beds and donated items to help us in our move


We cannot express enough our gratefulness for all of you who support and pray for our family and the ministry of PCA.  The difference you are making for the Kingdom and in the lives of the children and families of Palacaguina is real and cannot be expressed enough.  We were able to touch the lives of 98 children at PCA in 2018.  And the school is going strong with even more hope for the next year.  Please continue to pray for us and this ministry and please continue to share with others who would like to be a part of Changing a Generation in Palacaguina, Nicaragua!!

 Michael IMG_20181118_134141504 Andee









Dios te bendiga de la familia Witonski!!!  (God Bless you from the Witonski family)

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