Update #201811 – Transitions

If there is one word I could use to describe this part of the journey, it would be transitions.  October has absolutely been a full month of transitions.  But, no matter how chaotic it may feel or how little we know of God’s plan, we absolutely know that God still has a plan and He is going to do amazing things through His plan.  Our job is to continue trusting in His plan and work as hard as we can to accomplish the tasks He is giving us each day.  And know how amazing it will be to look back and see all God did.  His plan, His glory!!



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This month we handed out food packages(rice and beans) to families in the community of Cusmaji.  Accompanied with a Bible, 50 poor families received life giving food packages and heard a message of the gospel.  Making a difference in the lives of people with the grace and love of Jesus through meeting real need is the greatest reward of this ministry and what we get to be a part of in Nicaragua.  You make this possible.










The school continues to do well.  We are quickly approaching the end of our second school year and it is very exciting.  Plans for the Kindergarten graduation are underway and we are planning for next year’s enrollment process.  The tiling of our 2nd grade classroom is complete and our ANF donated desks are in place.  The community of Palacaguina is very happy with PCA and greatly looking forward to all God is going to continue to do in the lives of our students and in the community.

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Imagine sleeping without a pillow.  For many in our community, they will no longer need to.  In our most recent ANF donation, we received cases of pillows that we were able to give to local people in need of something to rest their weary heads.

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We were blessed by a local Little Rock family with a home to be in for October.  It is a beautiful home and a huge blessing.  We have settled in and it has almost felt somewhat stable for the last several weeks.  We are still seeking to understand what the future holds for our family and preparing for our next move in November.  So far everything is temporary as we strive to continue our focus on the school while learning a new way of living as missionaries.  The great news is we are together as a family and that is what is most important.  We trust God will reveal more of His plan as we faithfully serve and honor His call in our lives.


Due to changes in sponsorship, we now have 7 current students who need sponsorship.  If you know someone who would like to help us Change a Generation and impact the life of a child and their community, please share this need.  Sponsorship is only $40 per month and includes exposure to the gospel, a daily meal, uniform, creation of local jobs and many various community projects we get to support.  If you are currently sponsoring we hope you will plan on continuing for the next school year.







Our students celebrated different cultures on Dia de la Raza (Day of the Race).  It was fun day where both parents and teachers participated with the students.  It is good to see days like this in times like these.

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We had two visits in October that show ways we are expanding our impact in our region of Nicaragua.  First, we had a group of university students in their 3rd year of English training come to observe our English classes.  We are the only private school in our state of Madrid teaching English.  Second, we had a group of High School students come to present on domestic animal abuse.  This is a part of their education and was a wonderful topic to share with our students on the importance of not mistreating animals.  This message is greatly needed.PCA_visitors


Look forward to our upcoming Sponsor Update.  We are actively working on a new update from your child that should be in your inbox by the end of November.  Also, you will be receiving a Save the Date for our next Partner Appreciation Event.  Our next event is planned for Spring of 2019 in Central Arkansas.  More information to come.


Days after our last update was sent, God answered our prayers around my contracting position.  It was extended until December.  Praise the Lord!!  This will help us to survive a little longer and continue several projects at the school through December.


  • Being together as a family!!! Still so grateful for this!
  • God provided a wonderful home for us to stay and it was extended until mid-November.
  • The school doing so well and our 2nd grade desks being approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • Answered prayer for my job.


  • Pray for specific direction as to where we will live towards the end of November.
  • Pray for my job situation that God will continue opening doors for us while in the US.
  • Pray for clarity and direction on how we can continue serving Christ in all we are doing.


  • If you would like to help fund our ANF partnership allowing us to feed children every day, provide clothing and supplies for communities and help us obtain the desks, furniture and school supplies we need to operate we would love your help. We have a $1000 payment for this yearly partnership coming in December.  Let us know if you would like to give towards this need.
  • Purchasing property in front of the school for future growth is becoming a bigger priority. This land, at $10,000 will allow us to grow to be a self-sustaining school.
  • Our cafeteria area is almost completed. $2500 will finish the roof over our new addition and $1200 will finish our seating.  An additional $5000 will complete the actual kitchen.


We truly appreciate each and every one of you who partner with us in prayer and support each month.  You are making such a powerful impact for the kingdom.  Thank you for continuing to partner with us in this ministry.  Even in the midst of the struggles and uncertainty, God is still moving and touching lives with His grace and goodness.  And we know this is only because of your prayers.  We look forward to seeing all God will continue to do in Palacaguina.


Us IMG_20181008_172831145

Dios te bendiga de la familia Witonski!!!  (God Bless you from the Witonski family)

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