Update #201810 – Together Again

Together again at last!!  After our family being separated for over 3 months, we are finally back together again.  This has been an extremely difficult time for us, but I am happy to say we made it through.  And we hope and pray we do not have to do that again.  It is a beautiful thing to be together!  We pray each of you will be reminded how good it is to be together and will take a little extra time this month to hug longer and enjoy each moment God gives you to share with your family.



Two of our 1st grade students were able to participate and place in a local reading competition.   We are so proud of Hannah and Edwin for their great work!!!

And praise the Lord for the school continuing to operate well in the midst of all that is happening and us not being able to be there.  The state of Nicaragua continues to be a delicate situation.  Though I do not want to overshare in our update about specifics, I do want to encourage each of you to continue praying for our beloved country and for the people we so dearly love and long to return to.

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A big highlight this month was the participation of our students in the annual Independence day march in Palacaguina.  I cannot express enough what a big deal this is for our families and students to be able to represent their school in this celebration.  We had special uniforms made for our band, introduced academic honors this year and had a wonderful turnout of students to represent PCA.  It was truly a great day!!

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The steps and ramp projects have been completed!  Very happy to continue seeing progress on the school.  This is encouraging and helps to see the school is still moving forward.  And a big thank you to those who have given to help keep the school construction moving forward.  With this, we are ready to finish our Second Grade classroom.

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All things considered, the family is doing well.  Michael is enjoying 1st grade.  Andee, Jonah and Lilly are doing great at home schooling.  Deborah and I are good, just trying to figure out the next steps.  We are focusing heavily on trying to listen to what God is telling us and what we are supposed to do for the next phase.  We appreciate your prayers as we need to make some big decisions by the end of October.  PCA is still the primary focus of our hearts, but we will need to focus and lead stateside for at least the next year.


IMG_20181007_180600801ANSWERED PRAYER

Last month we had an immediate need for a car.  We had been borrowing a car since July, but needed a car that could fit the whole family and that we could use long-term.  Specifically we were praying for a Honda Pilot.  God answered with a beautiful 2011 Honda Pilot that is going to be perfect for our family.  Thank you Lord!!!  And thank you to all of you who were joining us in prayer for this need.




  • Being together as a family!!!
  • God provided a wonderful home for us to stay in for October.
  • The school continuing to function normally.
  • Answered prayer for a car.


  • Pray for specific direction as to where we will live starting in November.
  • Pray for my job situation. My current position ends October 24th.
  • Pray for continued help with the medical condition in our family.



  • If you would like to help fund our ANF partnership allowing us to feed children every day, provide clothing and supplies for communities and help us obtain the desks, furniture and school supplies we need to operate we would love your help. We have a $1000 payment for this yearly partnership coming in December.  Let us know if you would like to give towards this need.
  • Purchasing property in front of the school for future growth is becoming a bigger priority. This land, at $10,000 will allow us to grow to be a self-sustaining school.
  • Our cafeteria area is almost completed. $2500 will finish the roof over our new addition and $1200 will finish our seating.  An additional $5000 will complete the actual kitchen.
  • We are working to complete our primary school classrooms 2nd through 4th It costs approximately $2,300 per classroom for flooring and furnishings to have it ready for students.
  • Our next major project is to build our 5th and 6th grade classrooms addition. This will add, two classrooms, bathrooms and much needed storage.  The project is estimated at $11,000 to complete the foundation and 1st floor and an additional $12,000 to finish the second floor.
  • To complete the Preschool we will need to finish the front wall and gates. This project would be one of our last big projects for the structure of the school and is estimated at $9,580.



Thank you for continuing to love and support our family and this amazing ministry God has given us.  Together, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of the children and families of Palacaguina.  We have 98 beautiful children and their families we get to love and care for.  The sacrifices you make every month to support PCA through your prayers, sponsorship and giving are changing a generation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and education.  I know God is glorified and pleased with your participation in His mission.


Dios te bendiga de la familia Witonski!!!  (God Bless you from the Witonski family)









Want more frequent updates, pictures and videos?  Check out the schools Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AcademiaCristianaPalacaguina/


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  1. WOW! God is continuing to bless you all and the school in Palacaguina! We thank the Lord in shielding PCA from the majority of the turmoil that is affecting Nicaragua. Please continue praying for the school, the children , and all the wonderful innocent families that are having to deal with the upheaval that threatens them !

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