UPDATE 201809 – GOD IS GOOD!!!

“God is good…All the time!  And all the time…God is good!”

In my first church, this was a common saying and response.  We may feel this easy to say when times are good but so much harder when times are, well, not so good.  In the midst of what we have been going through these last few months, I can honestly and most powerfully say God IS Still Good!!  He is so good.  Especially in the midst of trials and chaos that so often surrounds us.  We have truly held onto the truth that “His mercies are new every morning” and “in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  We can say through it all that God is good.  We hope and pray you can see how good God is in your life too.



I must begin with an absolute positive show of God’s goodness to PCA and our ministry.  This month we received the largest donation yet from our partnership with ANF.  Not only did we receive enough food for the rest of the year to feed our children and help children in two other communities, but we received school supplies, desks, chairs, furniture, clothing, shoes, notebooks, paint and many other items we were in great need of.  We are super excited about the opportunities this will give us to reach out and give more to those who are in need.  Already we have given out notebooks and clothing to the community of Los Arados where we recently built a chapel.  Our goal is to use or give away everything by December.

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God is truly amazing.  Yet another reason why God is so good is that even in the midst of the greatest civil unrest since the civil war in the 80’s, PCA has graciously not been impacted by the situation.  Every day, our children are able to attend school and maintain their normal lives.  This is sadly not the case in other parts of Nicaragua right now.  We are truly grateful the school is continuing to serve the families of Palacaguina and do even more than we have ever done before.  PCA is strong and moving forward thanks to our leadership, staff and so many of you who continue to support us and make PCA a possibility every month.

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We wanted to highlight two activities from August.  (1) The students, parents and staff have been working hard to represent PCA well in the upcoming Independence Day celebrations.  We have new patriotic uniforms and recognition of student excellence to add to our returning band in the city parade this year.  And (2), our 4 year old class put on a play for the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  What a great job by our students.  And a special thanks to our parents who of course worked hard on their costumes.

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We are actively working to complete our steps and handicap ramp to our next classrooms and have completed the planning and design of our main office for next year.  What a difference it will make to have an official main office for the school.  Next we will be tiling our 2nd grade classroom and working more on our kitchen/cafeteria space.

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We are so grateful for all of you who have been praying for us and reaching out to us in this time.  We know God is good because of the wonderful people He has put in our lives who love and care for us.  Though we are still separated, we are doing well.  The Wyoming crew is continuing homeschooling every day and fully enjoying every moment with Grandmamaw and Grandpapaw.  Michael and I have been settling into a new normal and getting wonderful opportunities to see friends and family.  Looking forward to all being together by the end of September and staying in Central Arkansas through October.



Though we had hopes of returning to Palacaguina in October, this is not going to be possible for two reasons.  First, the situation in Nicaragua is still very volatile.  There have definitely been a reduction in all out violence, however, protesting is still ongoing, civil order has not returned, the people are still unhappy and there is still the very real potential of things getting worse fast.  Second, by God’s grace after coming to the US, we identified a medical condition in our family that will require us to be in the US for treatment.  We have determined a minimum of one-year to be in the US for this and are working on the details.  We know God is directing every step and we are grateful we can continue working with and operating the school even in our absence.



  • Though expensive, we were able to shield the school and Arete from sharing any of our evacuation expenses. Thank you God for providing for us and helping us not impact the school in this.
  • God continues to provide transportation and temporary housing for our family.
  • Identification of a new method for getting funds into Nicaragua without fees.



  • Pray for us as we search for a used car for our family. Specifically, for a good used Honda Pilot.
  • Pray for us as we seek direction on where God wants us to land for our time stateside until we can return to Nicaragua.
  • Pray for a medical condition that has arisen in our family. Nothing life-threatening, but will require treatment over the next year and a lot of changes.




  • If you would like to help fund our side of the ANF partnership that allows us to feed children every day, provide clothing and supplies for communities and help us obtain the desks, furniture and school supplies we need to operate we would love your help. We have a $1000 payment for this yearly partnership coming in December.  Let us know if you would like to give towards this need.
  • Our cafeteria area is almost completed. $2500 will finish the roof over our new addition and $1200 will finish our seating.  An additional $5000 will complete the actual kitchen.
  • We are working to complete our primary school classrooms 2nd through 4th It costs approximately $2,300 per classroom for flooring and furnishings to have it ready for students.  You could help us be ready.
  • Our next major project is to build our 5th and 6th grade classrooms addition. This will add, two classrooms, bathrooms and much needed storage.  The project is estimated at $11,000 to complete the foundation and 1st floor and an additional $12,000 to finish the second floor.
  • To complete the Preschool we will need to finish the front wall and gates. This project would be one of our last big projects for the structure of the school and is estimated at $9,580.



Thank you for your prayers, your reaching out, your thoughts and your continued support of our family and PCA through everything.  We are encouraged about the future of PCA and the ministry.  We know it is crazy right now, but we believe it will get better and we will eventually be able to return to Palacaguina.  And how good it is to know that you will be with us in that.  God is good!!  AMEN!!!

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Dios te bendiga de la familia Witonski!!!  (God Bless you from the Witonski family)


Want more frequent updates, pictures and videos?  Check out the schools Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AcademiaCristianaPalacaguina/


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