It is that time of year again, the rain is plentiful, everything is turning green and the bugs outnumber people a million to 1.  That’s right, it is INSECTAGEDDON 2018.  We could definitely be the backdrop for one of those really bad B Movies.  Like When Moths Attack or Attack of the Killer June Bug or Flying Ants Destroy the World.  This is definitely an “experience”.  Maybe not one everyone would enjoy, but something we are learning to live with in our new world.  We have adjusted accordingly with changes such as not having lights on after the sun goes down (Dad is loving the electricity savings) and showering by candle light so the moths do not negate the shower you just took.  All in all, it is good.  Happy to see the mountains turning green and seeing the rain coming from far away through the mountains is such a beautiful sight to see.


So much has happened in the month of May.  I returned from my US Trip, we are making much progress on the primary school playground, we have a new English volunteer and we have been blessed with many more stories of God’s faithfulness and provision.  Let us take a look at all God has been doing in the ministry and the school over the last month.


I have to thank each of you who prayed for our trip to the US.  This was our first trip of its kind and one we have decided most definitely needs to be repeated each year as it was an extremely successful trip.  We were able to connect with old friends and meet so many new friends along the way.  Out of 26 children we needed to sponsor, 22 were sponsored.  PRAISE GOD!!  This is going to open so many doors this year and next.  This means we are no longer operating in a super deficit for the year and we will be able to help fund Uniforms, books, school supplies, and other programs we have been eager to do.  This also means we will be able to afford our partnership with ANF for another year to continue providing food, clothing and other materials for our children and other communities.  God is so good and I am so thankful for all of our new partners who are working with us to Change a Generation.  We will be deciding dates and details for our 2019 trip soon.

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We are seeing this major need come to reality.  It started in April with a team of youth who built the fencing and provided the sand and continues with the construction of playground equipment.  We are creating three structures: teeter-totters, slides and monkey bars.  Though we still need about $3,000 to finish the playground, we are hoping to finish with what we currently have in June so the children can begin playing on their new equipment.

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Ok, maybe not apples to apples, but still an amazing story.  A little girl who lives across from the school is getting the opportunity of a lifetime.  April (not her real name) would come every day to work and play alongside our last missions team.  One of the youth serving (we will call her Jill) fell in love with April (not hard to do).  When Jill returned, she shared with her family and they decided to adopt April’s future, literally.  April’s family, though living across from the school and wanting April to attend, did not have the means to do so.   Jill and her family have given April and her family a reason to hope for an amazing future for April.  Jill’s family is not only sponsoring her as a PCA partner, but they are going to sponsor the family’s expenses as well.  AND they want to do this all the way through graduation.  When I shared this with April’s family, they were overwhelmed and you could see the gratefulness in their hearts for the opportunity this brings to their little girl.  April’s first day at PCA was yesterday and after school I asked her how her first day went and let me say, her amazing smile was so bright as she exclaimed how great it was.  It is such a joy to see, first hand, the happiness and hope you bring when you sponsor a child and give them the promise of education.  I wish each of you could see the impact you are making that I get to see every day.  Thank you for giving hope and a future to all of the little Aprils.  You are making such a difference.

Celebrating Moms

Nicaragua takes celebrating Moms to a whole new level.  As a school, PCA was able to honor all of our Moms with a special celebration and lunch.  Thank you to all of the great Moms who sacrifice and work so hard to love us and help our lives to be great!!  We love you Mom!!

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Making a Difference

Thanks to a successful trip to the US and our funding almost being complete, we were able to award more 50% scholarships to local families struggling so hard to give their children a bright future.  This brings our ½ scholarship recipients up to 40 children.  A little less than half of our families attending PCA.  The need is great, but we are grateful to be making a difference every way we can.







NatashaLuis-closeWelcome Natasha

We are super excited to be welcoming to PCA Natasha.  Natasha, recently married, moved to Nicaragua in March.  Her husband is from Palacaguina.  I cannot express enough how grateful we are Natasha is now serving as our first grade English teacher.  We are hopeful Natasha will partner with us for many years to Change a Generation and be the difference for our children learning English.  She has already made a HUGE impact in only a few short weeks.  Welcome to PCA Natasha!!!  You are a direct answer to our and so many others’ prayers.



As of this update we only have 4 children who need a sponsor.  Sponsorship not only covers the cost of education, but also provides a meal each day and ministry programs for the children.  If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a child at $40 per month, please let us know or go to our website at www.lovepala.com.

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  • Please pray for a new 1-year volunteer to start in January to teach English in 2nd
  • Please pray for God to move on our behalf regarding school transportation, land purchases, and business opportunities to help the future of PCA.
  • Please pray for Nicaragua to have a peaceful resolution soon to the current situation. Our family is doing ok for any concerned.  Just trusting in God to use us where He has called us.


Once again we are reminded of how limited we are on our own in fulfilling the call God has given our family.  We absolutely could not do anything we are doing without all of you supporting us with your prayers and your giving.  God can do so much through His people when we join together to fulfill the Great Commission and we are so blessed to be able to see and experience this directly.  You are literally the hands and feet of Christ working along-side us to make a difference in the lives of the children and families of Palacaguina.  Thank you so much for your sacrifice and for all you do!!









Dios te bendiga de la familia Witonski!!!  (God Bless you from the Witonski family)

The Witonski Family <><

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