Update #2017-12 – What an Amazing Year!!


This month saw the final day of our first year of school.  The children have only been gone for two days, but I already miss them terribly.  We are grateful to say this first year was a huge success and the Lord accomplished more than we thought possible.  Hoping for only 20, we started the year with 65 students and finished this week with 66.  Even though we have so much to do, preparing for next year, it is good to just reflect on what God has done and enjoy His goodness over our ministry.  Special thanks to all of you who were so critical to our first year.  We look forward to many more years serving together to Change a Generation.

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ANF 2nd Donation


We were extremely blessed with receiving our 2nd ANF donation.  The partnership with the American Nicaragua Foundation has been going so well.  This donation provided much needed teacher’s desks for the classrooms, a huge pallet of new clothes, tables and more food for the children.  We will be distributing the clothes to the community and the furniture is meeting a huge need.  This is truly a wonderful partnership.

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IMG_2801 IMG_2804Financial Conference


As many of you know, I am passionate about budgets and helping others manage their money in a way that honors God.  Some really cool doors have opened for me to use that passion here in the ministry.  This month I had the opportunity to teach more than 40 adults as part of a ministry financial conference.  I taught Biblical principles for managing money and gave practical steps for creating a budget.  What a cool day of ministry.





Meeting Medical Needs


One huge part of our ANF donation this time was wheelchairs and crutches for a local family.   This family was in a major car accident in October which caused 4 adults and 1 child to require wheel chairs.  Not easy to come by for families here, it was a blessing to be able to provide these much needed items.  So grateful to ANF.  God is so good.  After this family is better, we plan to continue loaning these to other families in need.

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516NowBoard516Now Board Visit


What a blessing this month to have 5 members of the 516Now board visit us in Palacaguina.  It was so great to share with three new members of the board the vision we have for Changing a Generation through a Christ-centered, bi-lingual education together.  Thank you to John, Scott, Jim, Alan and Brant for being so committed to changing the world for Christ and for being our closest partners in Changing a Generation in Palacaguina.  We absolutely could not do what we do without you.  We look forward to seeing you soon and often.



IMG_2953Leavin’ On a Jet Plane


One tough moment this month was dropping off Deborah and Jonah at the airport.  Due to a family situation, Deborah needed to return home for a few weeks and Jonah tagged along.  It was sad to see them go, but a wonderful opportunity to see family.  They are having an amazing trip and it just reminds me how much of a sacrifice it is to be away from our family and friends.  We miss you all so much, but know God has us exactly where He wants us.  So we will just enjoy these opportunities when God allows.  Love you and look forward to seeing you soon on my next trip to the states.



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IMG_3010Thanksgiving in Nicaragua


Thanksgiving was a little different for us this year.  While Deborah and Jonah celebrated more traditionally with family in Arkansas, the rest of us had a day of driving and immigration offices.  We had to renew our passport stamps in Managua, so just a normal day.  However, since we were in Managua, we took the opportunity to meet a friend at the mall, enjoy some good ole American food and see a beautiful full model of Jerusalem.  Lilly chose Burger King, Andee and Michael choose pizza and I ate a Quiznos.  All followed by some delicious soft serve.  No, not a turkey with all the fixins, but we were still very thankful for food that was definitely out of the normal and quite yummy.  It was a good day.  Maybe next year we will raise a Turkey.


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IMG_3084School/Construction Updates


In addition to finishing the school year this month, we have been actively preparing for next year.  We are finishing the Bodega (storage building) to allow us to prepare the 1st grade classroom.  We will be tiling the new room in 2 weeks and purchasing the desks the week after.  Registration for next year is going well.  Though we do not officially start registration until today, Dec 1st, we already have 38% of our current students registered to return and 13 new students registered.  Families are eager for their children to attend PCA.  It is such a blessing to have families trusting us with their children and wanting their children to attend PCA.   God is so good to allow us the opportunity to pour into the lives of these beautiful children and families.


Personal Updates (B-Day)


Personally, we are doing great.  Our Spanish tutoring is going well each week.  Love that we are officially learning proper Spanish.  Michael turned 7 this month!  We made some birthday flan and had a wonderful day together.  They are all growing up so fast.  It has been a little rough without Deborah, but we are surviving.  She did a lot to help prepare me for laundry, dinners and all the other necessaries.  So grateful for all she does and super grateful she will be back in another week.  Absolutely could not do all that needs to be done without her.  I am very blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life.  Love you Babe!

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There is so much to do, and we need to share our immediate needs.  But first, I have to give God glory for all He has done.  Last week a wonderful church donated $1,500 which is exactly what we needed to purchase the 1st grade school desks.  What a legacy.  Children will learn every day in the desks they provided.  Thank you.




  • Finish the 1st Grade Classroom – We greatly need $2000 to completely finish the area for 1st
    • Please pray God will meet this need before January so we can get this completed.
  • 2018 Operations Gap – Estimated deficit of $425 per month to be fully funded in January. (Down from $700)
    • Please pray God will continue to touch the hearts of his people to invest monthly in PCA.
  • 2018 Capital Campaign – Goal to raise the rest of the construction expenses (~$300K) to finish the school.
    • Please pray God will raise up a campaign manager(s) to help us accomplish this.

If you have any needs you would like us to pray for, please send requests to bwitonski@gmail.com.




We have one month left in the most incredible year of our lives.  The opportunity to live abroad on the mission field and fulfill the calling God has placed in our lives is amazing.  We pray so much that each of you are feeling that same level of accomplishment and satisfaction in the calling God has given you.  Do not get me wrong, following Christ is so not easy, some days are downright painful, but knowing you are exactly where God has called you to be is ‘priceless’.  If you are partnering with us in any way, please know you are absolutely making a difference in this world for Jesus Christ.  The spiritual ROI (Return on Investment) is huge.  Not only does your dollar go so far to do so much, you are changing the lives of children and their families for generations to come and in many cases for eternity.  Thank you and God Bless!!!


IMG_3126 DeborahJonahTrip-009 DeborahJonahTrip-001 IMG_3061 SDGL5276


Dios te bendiga de la familia de Witonski!!!

(God Bless you from the Witonski family)


The Witonski Family <><









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  1. What a wonderful update!!!! It is so great to see all the wonders of what God has been able to do in Palacaguina!

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