Update #2017-11 – The Highs and the Lows

The joyous high of this last month was absolutely dominated by our World Race Team.  I cannot say enough about these 13 amazing women who blessed us with their servants’ hearts and passion for God’s kingdom.  In the three weeks they were with us, they accomplished more than I could have imagined and truly touched our lives with theirs.  In the midst of such a blessing, this month we had to experience one of the greatest lows so far in Nicaragua.  Our closest friends were involved in a major accident.  It was a true miracle none of the 4 adults or 3 children in the car were killed, but there were several injuries and will be many months of recovery ahead.  We are so grateful that God, in his great mercy, allows us to have so many blessings even in the midst of the struggles.  God is good!!  And He is good, ALL THE TIME!!


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I am absolutely convinced that women are the hardest and most capable humans on this earth.  Sorry guys, but these 13 women hand mixed concrete, dug through rock and still had enough time to paint the school.  And they did it without complaining and with joy the whole time.  Wow!  They absolutely made an impact on the school both in and outside of the classroom.  As half the team worked on construction, the other half taught in the classrooms with the kids.  I am most grateful to God that we will hopefully be seeing several of these girls again as God continues to stir in their hearts the calling He has given them.  Praise God for those with hearts willing to serve Him.  We miss you already!!




Another high this month was the opportunity to work on a community project with our good friends from the Peace Corp.  Their final project was a bottle cap mural in one of the local schools they worked in.  At the last minute their artist fell through and Deborah was able to design and draw the project.  I am amazed at all Deborah is capable of as she did an amazing job and had to do it very quickly.  A few of the World Race Team was able to help as well as our kids.  It was a fun project.  The low is this was Daniel and Tara’s last project as their tour has come to an end.  It is sad to see our friends go, but we believe strongly God has more for them to do here in Nicaragua.  So we will see them again!!

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We are further along in our construction and preparations for 1st grade.  More of the murals were completed in the Kindergarten classroom.  And we are in full swing preparing for next year.  There is only one more month in our first school year and I am happy to say this has been an amazingly successful year.  We cannot wait to see what God has in store.  There are so many things to do, but we are grateful to have the opportunity to be here and serve the Kingdom of God by pouring into the lives of these children and their families.  I hope many of you will make a trip to visit us next year and see for yourselves the impact you are personally making.


IMG_2671Ok, here is the situation.  God has laid it on our hearts to get the school built and completed so we can focus solely on the ministry, curriculum and programs.  This being said, we want to embark on a capital campaign to raise the $300,000 needed to completely finish the known construction of the school.  This being our first ever attempt to have a capital campaign, we need your help.  If you have any experience in raising money like this or ideas you would be willing to help implement to get this done, we would be so grateful.  Just like this school, we know this is not something we can do on our own and we truly believe God will use your gifts and talents to help make this possible.  Please contact me if God is putting it in your heart to help us with this effort.  Just imagine, you will have helped complete and entire school and impact lives for generations to come.  Thank you so much for your help.




For those of you who have been praying for an English teacher for the school next year, God has been answering.  God has opened the door for us to have English speakers serving at the school from February through July.  We still need volunteers who would be willing to come and teach at the school for August through November and ultimately need God to open the doors for those who would be willing to come and serve for a year or more with us and teach English in the classrooms alongside our Nica teachers.  Thank you Lord for those who are coming and please keep up the prayers.



  • 1st Grade English Teacher/Assistant – Need an English speaker to assist August-November.
  • Please pray God will open the door for this role to be filled.
  • 2018 Operations Gap – Estimated deficit of $700 per month to be fully funded in January. (Down from $1300)
  • Please pray God will continue to touch the hearts of his people to invest monthly in PCA.
  • Finish the 1st Grade Classroom – We need $2000 to completely finish the area for 1st
  • Please pray God will meet this need before January so we can get this completed.

If you have any needs you would like us to pray for, please send requests to bwitonski@gmail.com.


We continue to complete the house each month.  This month, we were able to finish the kitchen, add a permanent hot water solution for the kids shower and complete the lower fourth of our driveway.  Little by little we are getting there.  I have to give a special shout-out to Lilly.  Our little girl turned 9 this month and celebrated with some manual labor at the school.  She really enjoyed working with the World Race on the school.  She is such a blessing.  All in all, we are doing well and settling in better every day.  Starting this week, we will begin our family Spanish learning with a tutor and know this will help us all to better acclimate.  The language barrier continues to be the hardest part.

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Through all the highs and lows of this month, overall, we are so grateful to God for His goodness and for allowing us to serve Him here in Palacaguina.  Seeing the bright, happy faces of these children each day makes every difficulty worth it.  And we are extremely grateful for your prayers and support as we continue to work for the Kingdom.  God is good and there is no place on earth better than in the midst of His will.  God Bless You and please continue to pray and think of our family.


Dios te bendiga de la familia de Witonski!!!

(God Bless you from the Witonski family)


The Witonski Family <><

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