Update #2017-08 – We made it to mid-year!!

Reflecting on all that has happened over the last 6 months, it is amazing to see what God has done so far in the school.  There is still much left to do, but with so many obstacles overcome and seeing God work in so many ways, I have every confidence we are going to get everything accomplished that is necessary.  So much has happened this month.  What a blessing to be able to share it with you.  Let’s take a look, shall we…


School Update

July started with a mid-year break for the school.  And with the kids gone, Deborah took some time to continue painting the murals for the school with the help of Khristina and Lauren (more on them later).  The murals are looking fantastic.  We also began construction on a maintenance/storage building that will be used to house all of our construction tools and materials currently being stored in the 1st grade classroom.  As we need to complete this room very soon, it is imperative we find a new home for the materials so we can begin preparing for next year.  The kids and parents are still very much enjoying the school and the excitement of making an impact on the kids has not faded the slightest bit.

IMG_1476               20140182_457630387933182_6950641112664747742_n                   IMG_1476


Welcome Khristina Strobel

What an amazing blessing to have one or our very good friends and supporters come to spend ten days with us.  She was able to work with the children every day and on one special day made balloon animals.  The kids absolutely loved it!  Khristina also put on a special manicure event for the Moms and Teachers where she and Deborah (along with the help of Lilly and Andee) served through hand washing and nail painting.  The morning was a success and the devotion made a big impact on the Mom’s.  A huge thank you to Khristina for coming to serve the school and for her support.  Meeting the children she supports was a major highlight of being here as well as a bike tour we did of Palacaguina.  We are ready to welcome you next!  If you would like to plan a trip, we would be happy to welcome you.


IMG_2378            IMG_2501                    IMG_2627


Goodbye Lauren

Oh my, I cannot express enough the impact Lauren has made on the children, teachers, parents and school in the two months she was able to serve here.  In those two months, she wrote and administered a 6-week English course we will be able to reuse and created the first 4 lessons of our PreSchool English Curriculum.  It was very sad to see Lauren leave us, but I know that Palacaguina and the children, families and teachers she served are extremely grateful and will forever be impacted.  We pray you never forget what God did in and through you in Nicaragua!!  You will always have a home here in Palacaguina.

             IMG_2013 20429983_460513447644876_3709014168906966522_n                   IMG_1535


Three Countries in Two Days

As our residency process is still ongoing, we must leave our beloved Nicaragua every 90 days for a 72 hour excursion.  Well, this time we thought to try renewing our Visa through Honduras as it is so close.  Epic FAIL.  We made the hour drive to the border of Honduras where we were informed we are not able to renew our Visa’s through Honduras.  Long-story-short, we ended up having to drive the entire length of Nicarugua to make it to the southern Costa Rican border the next day.  Though not what we intended, we made the most of our family trip and safely returned three days later home.  We are good for another 90 days.  Please pray that we can get our application accepted this time around.IMG_1469


Exploring Nicaragua

In an effort to learn more about Nicaragua and find local sites to take teams and visitors to, we discovered three new areas very close to Palacaguina.  We found a real Dinosaur dig less than 20km away, a local pottery guild making traditional pottery in a method dating back hundreds of years (8km away) and a hot springs site where you can swim and relax in the warm, natural waters (about an hour drive).  It was wonderful to learn about the culture and experience more of our beloved Nicaragua.  We look forward to discovering more and sharing these amazing places with you and others when you visit.

IMG_2321        IMG_2718                   IMG_4378



Praise God for sending us such wonderful servants who have helped us the first 6 months of the school.  Please continue to pray for those who would continue to come and serve as well as a long-term, native English-speaker to help us next year in 1st grade.  Definite praise God as He continues to provide for our needs and the needs of the school.  Thank you God for being such a good, good Father.

Please continue to pray for us in the following areas:

  1. First Grade – We are still waiting on approval for next year.
  2. English Teacher – We know God has a plan. Please pray for our teacher.
  3. Residency – We are hoping to successfully submit this in the next 90 days.
  4. Funding – Specifically $26,000 to finish the current building and $1,300 monthly need we will have beginning in January of next year to expand into 1st

And if you have any needs you would like us to pray for, please send those via e-mail to bwitonski@gmail.com.



Each month, we must remember to give thanks to each of you who support our ministry here in Palacaguina.  Thank you for giving.  Thank you for praying.  Thank you for reading these updates and continuing to be a part of Changing a Generation.  Without your obedience to give and pray, we would not be able to be here doing this amazing ministry.  Without you, there is no PCA.  The children are doing so well and I look forward to us watching them together to grow up into strong, confident and educated men and women who are able to follow their dreams and make a good life for them and their families.  We have the power to make a difference in their lives.  Thank you for partnering with us in this journey.


Dios te bendiga de la familia de Witonski!!!

(God Bless you from the Witonski family)


The Witonski Family <><


Want more frequent updates and pictures?  Check out the schools Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AcademiaCristianaPalacaguina/

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