Update #2017-09 – Just because He can!!

Why does God do so many amazing things in our lives, just because He can!!  When you let go and allow God to direct your life, you get to see His beautiful plan for you so clearly displayed.  This month God was just showing off His goodness.  In addition to Deborah and I celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary, we have been able to see God do some incredible things only He can do in ways that only He can do it.


Preschool TV’s

The first week of August saw the installation of televisions in our Preschool classrooms.  This is a huge step for our English curriculum and a pretty cool story of how God met the need.  One Tuesday morning, in a meeting we were discussing our greatest need and praying God would provide.  That afternoon, I received an e-mail that said, “Brenton, How are you doing?  I want to donate to your school. Where is the biggest need?”  Are you kidding me!!  What an e-mail to receive.  I gave a list of all our needs and left it open.  Yup, you guessed it, the donation was just enough to buy 3 TVs, mounts and the software we needed for them.  I am so grateful for the donor who was obviously listening to God and allowing the Lord to use him in an amazing way!











Special Needs Classroom

Later, also in the FIRST week

of August, we were again discussing a major need for the school.  We have some special needs kids, but we did not have a place or a person to minister directly to them.  God opened the door through a donor to provide the salary to hire a special needs helper, but we still needed a classroom space.  We prayed that morning for God to provide the funds to finish a small classroom for this purpose.  Yet again, later that same day, totally unexpected, a donor gave the amount we needed to finish a small classroom.  In the same way, in her obedience, God used her to meet a need she knew nothing about in the perfect timing.  God is so good!!!  The helper is already working each day and the new classroom should be ready in just a few more weeks.


ANF Partnership

August also saw the signing of a partnership between PCA and the American Nicaragua Foundation (ANF).  Totally another God story how this happened, but essentially for one year, ANF will help provide us with furniture, school materials, and food for every child.  We are now getting to provide a daily meal every school day for all of our children.  This was a huge answer to prayer and will continue to ensure we are meeting the children’s needs.  Now, thanks to ANF, those who sponsor children are providing a good, nutritious meal every day their child is in school.  How awesome is that!!!

IMG_1856 IMG_1861 IMG_1863

















World Race Teams

We learned there are two World Race Teams planning to come in October.  This is huge for us as (a) it was not expected and (b) we hope this team will be able to build a kitchen and eating area for the school.  Now that we have food, we greatly need a place to prepare and serve it.  We will need to raise the estimated $5,600 to complete the project, but having a big team like this to come and build it is huge for us.  Feeling very grateful we will have these teams in October.



Piano Blessings

With so many wonderful things God has given this month for PCA, it is overwhelming to equally experience so many blessing personally as well.  This month was th

e first full month of Andee’s piano lessons.  And we could have never anticipated how important these lessons would be for Andee.  To have something so familiar to give her goals each week and to spend time each week with her beloved piano teacher, words of thanks just do not do justice.  We have absolutely the most wonderful person loving on and building into our little girl.  Thank you Mrs. Tankersley!!


Bella la Burra

This month we introduced a new member to our Nicaragua family.  Introducing Bella la Burra (the donkey).  The kids, and Deborah, are absolutely in love with our precious 2-year old donkey.  She acts more like a lap dog and tries to nuzzle into your lap whenever you sit down.  She is sweet and we are so happy to have her.  We are one step closer to having a full-out farm. LOL

21151399_10212280058708529_8675466385509547389_n Bella-01 Bella-02











Oh yes, after 8 long months of so many trips to Managua and 9 hour, no lunch days waiting in immigration offices trying to submit our residency applications, our applications were finally accepted.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!  We have a scheduled interview in October and are prayerfully hopeful we will leave that interview with our residency cards.  Though we are not done, this was a major accomplishment toward completing our residency process.


Youth Camp

I was blessed this month with the opportunity to coordinate and lead the games for a youth camp with our local church.  Oh how much fun we had playing tug-o-war, egg-toss, water games, blanket volleyball and so much more.  Andee and Jonah were able to attend and it was just a wonderful day of fun, ministry and swimming.  It feels good to be getting more involved in the church, local ministries and just being a part of the community.

DSCN1170 DSCN1182 DSCN1190 DSCN1212









School Update

Construction is still underway of our storage building.  We finished installing the window bars for all of our remaining classrooms.  And we have completed several tiling projects for new much needed spaces.  We have an upcoming full-day inspection the first of September with the Ministry of Education in Managua.  All-in-all, the school is still doing very well.  We are currently planning for next year and preparing budgets, plans, curriculum, etc for 1st grade.  So much to do, but grateful we are here doing it.  It is an amazing feeling to see first-hand the impact we are all making here in Palacaguina.  For sure, the impacts being made here are because of the many of you who have partnered with us in this mission!

 IMG_1803 IMG_1805 IMG_1927 IMG_1791 IMG_1589









Please continue to pray for us in the following areas:

  1. First Grade – We have a good nod on this, however, official approval will come end of the year.
  2. English Teacher – We know God has a plan. Please pray for our 1st grade English teacher.
  3. Funding – Specifically $23,000 to finish the current building and $1,300 monthly need we will have beginning in January of next year to expand into 1st

And if you have any needs you would like us to pray for, please send those via e-mail to bwitonski@gmail.com.



We absolutely could not do this without each of you praying for and supporting us and the school.  You are absolute angels and we thank you.  To give of your time and resources to reach the children and families of Palacaguina with us is priceless.  You are a part of the Great Commission and are being good and faithful servants of Christ.  You make the difference and we are so thankful you allow God to use you.  Know that your obedience brings a smile to God’s face and is exactly the kind of obedience and sacrifice Christ has called each of us to make for His glory and His kingdom!!  We welcome you any time to come and see first-hand the impact you are making.  Just say when!


Dios te bendiga de la familia de Witonski!!!



(God Bless you from the Witonski family)


The Witonski Family <><



Want more frequent updates and pictures?  Check out the schools Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AcademiaCristianaPalacaguina/

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