Update #2017-07 – We are so blessed!

June has been a month of blessings, one after the other.  From the mission team who started off our month to an answer to 6 months of prayer, we IMG_1120have been so blessed.  The greatest part of being a missionary is through all the hardships and challenges you get to see how truly good God is and you realize how true His promise of abundant life through Jesus Christ is.  We are promised true prosperity in Christ.  Not a prosperity in material things or money, but a true prosperity of experiencing the best God has for you:  Getting to see Him work in and through your life.   Now that is blessed!!




Nebraska Team

We started the month of June with an incredible group from Nebraska who came to serve in Palacaguina.  There were 35 eager servants of the Lord who came through P.A.W.N., another wonderful ministry focused on serving in Palacaguina.  This amazing group not only painted the library, every class and the outside of our new building, they hosted a 2-day VBS for the children of PCA and another school nearby in our facilities.  We had over 120 children each day who participated and heard/experienced the gospel each day.  What a powerful impact this group had on our kids and PCA.  Thank you!!

  IMG_1091          IMG_1102IMG_1094   

IMG_1127 IMG_1142














Tuition Assistance

We have discovered there are many levels of need.  In order to provide even more help to the children who need it most, we have implemented scholarships to give tuition assistance to some of our families.  This is going to help many of our students continue to attend the school.  We have funded and are offering 20 half-tuition scholarships for this year that are making it possible for students to continue attending PCA.  Some of these scholarships have actually been funded for several months which will bring an even greater relief to some of our families.  Thank you for those of you who have helped fund these scholarships.  Every bit is making a difference.


Adult English Classes

June saw the beginning of PCA reaching out beyond just the students.  Thanks to Lauren, who is here through the end of July from the US, we have IMG_1220begun an afternoon English class for parents.  Lauren, after serving the children in the morning, goes back to teach English to adults every afternoon.  She is such a blessing and has helped not only start the class but to create the curriculum we will reuse for more classes in the future.  This is only the beginning.





June Celebrations

This month, we had several things to celebrate at the school.  There were three Holidays: Children’s Day, Father’s Day and Teacher’s Day.  For each we did a little something to love on and show our appreciation for those in our lives who make a difference.

 IMG_1201 IMG_1330 20170624_161029










After so much effort to get electricity installed at the school, I am happy to report, as of June we now have electricity at the school.  Still much to do to get it in every classroom, but the main part is done!  Hallelujah!!





We were blessed this week to see a friend from the US come to Managua.  We were able to spend a wonderful Saturday with Stacey and two of her daughters.  It was such a blessing to see them and have a friend visit us in Nicaragua.  Look forward to seeing more of you come to experience the beauty of Nicaragua with us.  Come any time.

IMG_1175 IMG_1176 IMG_1173



Water/Family Update

IMG_1043 (3)I am very happy to report we are all doing well.  Especially after getting our water officially installed and clean.  IMG_1057From February until June we pretty much had the equivalent of very dirty lake water.  Praise God we were able to gain access to our water source to clean it, installed all new pipe and completed the installation of our automated pumping system.  We will hopefully not have any more late night trips down the hill in the rain to fill up our water tank.  In addition, the new, larger pipe increased the pressure enough so we can use a washing machine.  Deborah is very happy to no longer have to scrub the clothes clean by hand.  I think we are all getting into a good groove and every day it gets better as we make improvements to the “infrastructure”.



Thank you for all of your prayers.  God has been answering so many of them.  For 6 months we have been praying for a way for me to help support us and the school.  I am thankful to say as of June 26th we have such an opportunity.  God is so good.  In addition, we were able to get the mechanical issues with our car to a manageable point that will hopefully be stable for a while.  And on the very day we began praying for one of our greatest immediate needs for the school to be met, I received an e-mail providing exactly what we needed.  God is so amazing.  I think He met the need before we even asked for it, just took some time for the e-mails to get sent.

Please continue to pray for us in the following things:

  1. First Grade – We submitted our application to open 1st grade next year and are waiting on the approval.
  2. English Teacher – We are still in desperate need of a Native English speaking teacher for next year who will stay with us for at least a year to get the bi-lingual program off the ground.
  3. Residency – An ongoing process greatly in need of God’s favor.
  4. Funding – Specifically $28,000 to finish the current building and $1,300 monthly need we will have beginning in January of next year to expand into 1st


We are overwhelmed thinking of how so many of you sacrifice each month to make PCA and our mission for Jesus Christ a possibility.  We absolutely IMG_1290could not make the impact we are making without you.  Thank you for continuing to choose every month to pray, give and believe in us and the children of Palacaguina.  We ask the Lord to continue blessing you as you make such a difference for the kingdom.  Together, we are the hands and feet of Christ fulfilling the Great Commission He has called us to.  Thank you for partnering with us.  Thank you for all that you do!


Dios te bendiga de la familia de Witonski!!!

(God Bless you from the Witonski family)


The Witonski Family <><

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