Update #2017-06 – Not Easy but It’s Good

Life as a missionary is most definitely not an easy one.  Every day there are new challenges to face and new obstacles to overcome.  Power outages, meeting new (and sometimes scary) bugs, learning the language, and stabilizing our water situation are just a few of those challenges.  IMG_0764But, despite all of the challenges and sometimes very difficult days, I can say without question, “It is good.”  One hug, one smile, one word from these beautiful children and families we are working with makes it all worth it.  Knowing we are making a difference in their lives and in the kingdom of God is why no challenge, obstacle or hardship will every keep us down.  There is no other place we would rather be, then here in Palacaguina, where God has called us to be.


Ministry Happenings

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day Celebration in May for all of our students’ Mom’s.  The children presented cards and it was just a beautiful event.  We were blessed this month to have a Christian counselor give a marriage conference for our parents.  31 couples attended to hear what the Bible says about strong marriages.  And our Thursday, women’s Bible study for Mom’s has grown to 28 women.  What a blessing to see these Mom’s grow in their faith.  God is doing great things at PCA.

             MomsDay03 MomsDay02 IMG_1027


Parent Contracts / Sponsorship

We now have all of our sponsorship release contracts signed.  So, if you are sponsoring a specific child at PCA or would like to, we are ready to send you information on your sponsored child starting in mid-June.  It is our desire for each sponsor to communicate and get to know their child so you can directly see the impact you are making through the years.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these wonderful children.


School Update


We are getting into a good cadence with the school.  Daily instruction is going well and parents/teachers/students all seem happy with how things are progressing.  We will be presenting our project proposal next week to the ministry of education to add 1st grade in 2018.  Please pray for God’s favor as we move forward.




Goodbye Lexii and Kiana, Hello Lauren

Once again, we are amazed at the wonderful people God brings into our lives to help us minister to and love on our kids.  Lexii and Kiana were such a blessing to have through May.  Thank you for serving and loving well the children of PCA.  As sad as we are to say goodbye, we are happy to welcome Lauren to Palacaguina and to PCA.  Lauren will be our new native-English-speaker working with the children to help teach English.  In a few weeks Lauren will be providing English lessons to the parents of PCA.  This is fulfilling a huge need in the community.  Thank you Lord for sending us amazing servants like Lexii, Kiana and Lauren.  (And we will never forget our beloved Nic!)

Kiana     Lexii         IMG_1003      Lauren

Pastors and Partnerships

Another wonderful blessing this month was a getting to meet two pastors from Miami, Jesse and Manny.  These two brothers in Christ drove to IMG_0830Palacaguina from another city where they had a team ministering in Nicaragua just to see PCA and meet us.  What a blessed time we had sharing with them what God is doing and hearing their heart to serve in Nicaragua.  We look forward to working with and helping these brothers where God is calling them to be.

I am so excited to share with everyone that we are now official missionaries and partners with Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock.  Fellowship has been our home church since 2003 and we are so happy to be officially partnered with them in the mission God has called us to.  Thank you Fellowship for joining us in what God is doing in Palacaguina.



Insectaggedon = Really Fat Frogs

IMG_0859We just had to share this pic.  The kids all share Jonah’s happiness as they chase, catch and play with the many frogs who seem to just love our nightly slice of insect apocalypse.  Truly the simple things in life bring such great joy.  It is in moments like these God reminds us to enjoy all He has given.  And even in the midst of crazy bugdom there are still happy times to be grateful for.





May’s praise God is definitely God’s answer to our prayers for Fellowship Bible Church LR partnering with us.  We are grateful to have FBCLR as our newest partner and look forward to all God has in store.

We could really use your prayer in the following areas:

  • English Teachers – pray the Lord opens the door for an English teacher for 1st grade next year.
  • Residency – pray the immigration office accepts our application in June.
  • Trips – pray for groups to come and experience serving in Nicaragua with us.
  • Kevin’s Home – We are still waiting for the funds and people to build Kevin a home.
  • Funding – Our next big project will be finishing/equipping the Admin/1st-4th building and library. We will need nearly $30,000 to finish this project.



Never will we be able to fully express our thankfulness for you, our friends and family who support us in your thoughts, prayers and giving.  Without IMG_0705you, we would be unable to be on mission in Nicaragua loving and sharing the gospel with the beautiful children and families of Palacaguina.  God is using you to make it all possible.  Together, we get to fulfill the Great Commission and Change a Generation.  We pray you are doing well and that God allows you to see the impact you are making for His kingdom.  May the Lord bless you, keep you and fill you with all the goodness of His grace!!



Dios te bendiga de la familia de Witonski!!!

(God Bless you from the Witonski family)


The Witonski Family <><


Want more updates?  Check out the schools Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AcademiaCristianaPalacaguina/

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