Support Palacaguina Christian Academy

When you choose to give to PCA monthly, you are helping fulfill the vital role of supporting the monthly operational cost of running the school! This support contributes to teacher’s salaries, administrative salaries, support staff salaries,, general school supplies, basic maintenance, student school supplies and student scholarship which offsets the enrollment cost of tuition for the children. All families who send their children to PCA pay approximately $8-10 a month in tuition. The costs to provide the education for each child exceeds $40 monthly, and your generous support will keep the tuition affordable for all students and help us continue to grow and support the school meeting each of PCA’s monthly needs.

Through your monthly donation of $40 you are not only helping provide a school for the children of Palacaguina, but we will also give you access to our donors only portion of the website. In the Donor’s Only page you will find picture updates, letters from the children, and resources to help you inspire and involve more people with PCA, but most importantly we will post prayer requests for the realtime needs of the PCA Ministry. We have created a place for open honest information to flow to our donors to help you see the impact you are making and know how you can continue to support PCA.

To start giving today Click Here. While hope for a monthly contribution of $40 (the approximate cost of sending 1 child to school) you can choose any amount that fits your budget, as we know that for some $40 is a stretch, while others could send several kids a month to school. We want you to know it is only together that we can make a huge impact and your portion is significant no matter the amount, as it takes many hands to lift a city!

Thank you for being part of our PCA support team and standing with us to Lovepala! (logo?)