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(Monthly Donation)

Suggested Donation: $41.50 / month

Please join us in giving monthly to help support the operational finances of Palacaguina Christian Academy. Your donation helps to fund teachers’ salaries, administrative salaries, school supplies, and offsetting the enrollment cost of tuition for students.

While we recommend a monthly contribution of $41.50, which is the approximate monthly cost of sending one child to school with an additional $1.50 to cover online giving fees, we would love for you choose any amount that fits your budget. We want you to know it is only together that we can make a huge impact and your portion is significant no matter the amount!

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Minimum Donation: $1.00 / month



When you choose to give to the PCA monthly fund, you are directly supporting to the operational finances of the school. Palacaguina Christian Academy is a donor supported school and by giving on a monthly basis your donation helps pay teacher salaries, administrative salaries, to purchase school supplies and to offset the enrollment cost of tuition for the children. All families who send their children to PCA pay approximately $5-10 a month in tuition, but currently, the true costs to provide the education for each child is around $50 a month.

All of our awesome donors will have access to our donors only portion of the website. In the Donor’s Only page you will find picture updates, letters from the children, information to help inspire and involve more people to LovePala, and most importantly we will post prayer requests for the realtime needs of the PCA ministry.

LOVEPALA is a completely volunteer run organization, therefore 100% of all donations go directly to Palacaguina Christian Academy, overseen by Brenton Witonski, and our board of directors. Please contact Brenton Witonski at for any questions or concerns.

Thank you for joining us to together LovePala!