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Well, the rainy season has begun and everything that was asleep in the dry season is now awake.  Some days it honestly feels like living through the plagues of Egypt.  But, we are doing well and learning as a family how to battle our new visitors.  The rain is turning the hills and valleys green and it is a beautiful site to see.  April has brought some great victories our way and saw the official Inauguration of Palacaguina Christian Academy.  We are definitely in full swing.





On April 19th, we officially inaugurated the school.  This was a wonderful experience and even included a ribbon-cutting ceremony.  The director, teachers, parents, ministry of education and myself were among the many who spoke of their excitement for what this school means to them and to the community.  The children all sang Jesus Loves Me in English and they did a phenomenal job.  The ceremonies were followed by lunch along with games and contests for the parents.  The parents completely decorated the school and everyone seemed to really enjoy the inauguration.  I know I did!

Inauguration-01                Inauguration-02                 Inauguration-03



April 19th was also the day we said goodbye to our friend Nic Holcomb.  He had been with us since January and he is definitely being missed by all.  As Nic departed, two great young ladies have arrived to fill the role of working with the children for the next several weeks.  Kiana and Lexii are here.  I am amazed how God so wonderfully provides for every need.

 Nic_girls-01         Nic_girls-02        Nic_girls-03



The school is still doing well.  We completed the roof on the new building and gained a student in April.  We now have 66 students attending PCA.  We were able to tile the Preschool classrooms and finish the Flag area as well.  Once we have our flags, this will be a beautiful addition to the school.  I look forward to each week as our students learn and our school makes an impact on our community.  I hope every one of you have a chance to come see the school and the beautiful children who attend.  I can say with confidence it will make an impact on you.

School-01         School-02             School-03



We are close to finalizing the legal side of sponsorships.  Once we have all the legal contracts completed, we will be able to share information and pictures of the children with their sponsors.  Thank you so much to each of you who are sponsoring a child to attend PCA.  If you are interested in sponsoring a child directly, we would be proud to have you join us in making an impact and changing a generation.


On a personal note, it was certainly different spending Resurrection Day in Nicaragua.  Here the entire Holy Week is celebrated.  The week before Easter, schools are out and everyone is off of work for Thursday and Friday.  We celebrated with a good old fashion cookout with friends.  We were also invited by our new PeaceCorp friends to lunch in their home in a nearby city.  It was a fun week of fellowship and preparing the school for the Inauguration the following week.  I would like to say we rested more, but there was so much to do.


        Easter-01 Easter-02           Easter-03



This is still a very slow and ongoing process.  Last week we were required to leave the country (quick trip to Costa Rica) in order to renew our Visas.  Though not ideal, the trip did give us a chance to see the beach and experience some of the beauty of Nicaragua.  We now have another 90 days to work on residency.  Let us hope it does not take that long to submit the paperwork.

Res-01      Res-02           Res-03



Shout it from the mountains (you know we are)…we have internet.  It has taken nearly 4 months but it has finally been achieved.  We are extremely grateful.  The internet was working at our home on April 27th and we celebrated by attending online service on Sunday.  It was amazing to experience an English service (My first since December).  The internet is going to open up a world of opportunity for us to better communicate and serve.  To God be the Glory!!!



I hope so, cause we are ready to see you.  Our guest room will be ready starting August 1st.  I know many of you have expressed an interest in coming to see us.  So, if you would like to come to Nicaragua anytime after August 1st, please let us know the dates so we can book the room for you.  You are going to love it here and we cannot wait to have you experience the amazing things God is doing here.



The internet is our biggest “Praise God” for April.  But equally we would like to praise God for a smooth inauguration, health in our family and His provision for our needs.  God is so good.  Thank you for praying for us.

We could really use your prayer in the following areas:

  • Residency – pray the immigration office accepts our applications soon.
  • Church Partnerships – We have an application in progress with a church in Little Rock.
  • Funding – Our next big project will be finishing/equipping the Admin/1st-4th building and library. We will need nearly $30,000 to finish this project and many things need to be done in May.
  • Trips – pray for groups to come down and experience serving in Nicaragua with us.
  • Kevin’s Home – We are still waiting for the funds and people to build Kevin a home.


Even amidst Insectageddon and the many daily challenges we face, it is such a blessing to be able to serve the children and families of Nicaragua.  We know the school is providing an opportunity but even more so, PCA is providing hope.  Hope for a better future and a brighter tomorrow.  We are truly grateful for being here and even more so for the many of you who support and pray for us.  I will never tire of reminding you that without your love, prayers and support, we could not be here making a difference and fulfilling the Great Commission.  God is using you to make everything possible.  So, thank you for partnering with us and making an impact on the lives of children and their families al for the Glory of God!!!

For more frequent updates on the school, please check out the schools Facebook page at


Dios te bendiga de la familia de Witonski!!!

(God Bless you from the Witonski family)










The Witonski Family <><

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